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  1. Seems that re-naming the tables ES_PULL_TABLENAME worked, it certainly moved on so it was requesting the payload, which is great, have to wait till Out of hours to test this fully now. Thank you all for the guidance and help.
  2. I can try but not sure I can upload files to here
  3. Thanks for that, however I have only two tables linked, both are named ES_Pull_TableName, yet for some reason I still get this error. I pretty much un linked everything then re-did it, but it still happens and I just don't know why.
  4. Ok, so no matter what I do I just can't solve this, can someone point me to what I need to disable in order to not try and pull the data as in reality I just don't need to do this. I tried to comment out just the 'Perform Script ["Push Payload"], but then it just seemed to get stuck on 'EasySync Is Go For Launch' and do nothing, so clearly I need to do more.
  5. Had to step away from this for a while, but now back with it. I have nailed up the two tables I want to sync, however, when try and sync, I get an error that reads Attempt to push data has failed (The message received from the server was : "201") I have two questions really. I don't need to push data, as no data will be allowed to be changed on the 'mobile' side, can I disable this, if this is what the issue is. What is a 201 error, and how can I identify which field is causing the issue?
  6. Thanks, as far as the Client/mobile side is concerned, the 'portal' has already been built, and I have already added the 2 different codes into each of the database's, but thanks for the reminder on that one. I will look at the $$additional_sync_parameters , so thanks for that pointer I have linked up one of the 2 table sets I will be syncing, so just need to get the other one set, and finish the mass copy of the actual data from one to the other, which is taking a time as, unfortunately, I did not build the first one, and I have far too much data in one table to pull across
  7. Hi Barbara Thanks again for the reply, it has made things a lot clearer now for me and is greatly appreciated. In answer to your question, yes, I do me client side, 'portal' is what we have called it internally. I may very well do a sync button, but was just wondering is a timed sync may also work, I may very well try a combination of both of these for a short while at least to see which will work better, if I do a button I may want to just pull the record at that point (the one that the button is being clicked on), rather than all records. Am I right in thinking then that
  8. Hi Barbara, I think I didn't help with adding too much of my intended process in my question. I did from some further work on this today that the speed issue is more to do with server issues and network traffic rather than FM itself, although I do seem to have a lot of Dropped connection issues, but these I think are now unrelated to ES. My intention is to copy of a full dataset as it stands into my portal database, (This is running currently), as a starting point after which I want to set up a sync to it every x minutes, as with the previous reply, I think I can do this now, I just
  9. Thanks for the pointer on running a scheduled task to update the data, I will have a look at that and see if it meets my needs, any idea how I can write back to the host to update records that have been synced to update the ES_Exclude to 1?
  10. So I am new to EasySync, and trying to get the best from it. I am using it more to replicate a subset of a live database for external clients to access, but they will not be changing anything, so my only requirement is to pull data to my 'Mobile' dataset from my 'Hosted' dataset. At the moment the live database is approx. 120k records, but this grows daily between 100 and 300 records for the main customer view, and possible 3 times that for associated activity. I seem to have a serious speed issue, in that trying to sync the mobile version just locks everything up, trying to do
  11. Sorry, I may not have been very clear. I am wanting to set up MS for the first time, as I am not using FM Pro advanced, the instructions say I have to import the mirrorsync.xml into my FM Pro database, I get the error below I really need to solve this as I need to get MS working this week. 'Please Obi Wan, you're my only hope.....
  12. Trying to set up mirror sync for the first time using FM15 Pro (Not advanced). I have got past the set up of where the database is, the issue is when I try and set up the , as I don't have Advanced I have to import the MirrorSync.xml file directly, when I click continue I get an error that says, 'XML/XSL information is not enough to proceed with import/export', no matter where I put this file it fails. Any body had this? and what did you do to get round it?, be great if I could get rid of this sooner rather than later.
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