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  1. Excellent. Great suggestion. I've downloaded scribe; I'll post back here should I run into any issues. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
  2. Nope, thanks for pointing that out. Any suggestions on the proper sub-forum for this topic?
  3. My end goal is to have a button that, when clicked: 1. Opens a pdf form from my server 2. Fills in the form using data entered into FileMaker (I'm using FileMaker 10) I'm on step one and and trying to use the "Open File" script, however it's not working. Can the "Open File" script be used to open non-Filemaker files, such as PDFs?
  4. Yup, the script was still running. I looked at the layout and that field was referencing something other than CAPA number. Problem Solved THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
  5. The Filemaker database file is attached for anybody that would like to take a look. Username:gregw Pass: 5200 I 'm unsure about how to identify if the field is on the Layout. I have a full access account, yet when hitting the "Outstanding CAPAs" button, I can no longer switch to Layout mode: ARL FileMaker.fp7
  6. Here is the script the button calls: The last two lines are cut off, they are "close window" and "exit script" The report is sorted by date, the most recent record first:
  7. OK, lets start with item 1, "The field is not on the layout" What would be the easiest way to remedy that situation?
  8. All records have a "CAPA Number" automatically assigned. If working correctly, when the "Outstanding CAPAs" button is clicked, the "CAPA Number" should be included in the list of records that are generated.
  9. Fairly new to Filemaker here and currently working with an old Filemaker 10 database. I can give more details as requested; the basic issue is this (pictures attached): We have a module called "CAPA Log". In this module users create new records and input text related to those new records. However, there is one field that is not user generated, "CAPA Number". In this module I click on a button titled "Outstanding CAPAs" . This buttons purpose is to show a list of records that do not have a "Closing Date" entered. The "Outstanding CAPAs" button performs that function but
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