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  1. Thanks Beverly and Kevin - you've both been a big help. I think I have the correct information in front of me now. I'm going to have to wrestle with the syntax a bit, but these reference are much better than the FM documentation! ...and I think I'm okay without the Japanese version, Beverly. I'm confused enough as it is!
  2. I've been working with SQL databases for about 12 years now, and have stumbled across this monstrosity in a new position - and I really don't get the translation between Filemaker and SQL. This should work according to the documentation: ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT Customer_EVENT::Inv_dollars ) FROM Customer_Event WHERE Customer_EVENT::FlagReview = \" " ; "" ; "" ) ...or something. I really can't even get a simple SQL Statement just pulling anything more than 1 field to work. Is there a reference out there (not Filemaker or FM14 Bible) that actually explains in detail WHY FQL statements are made the way they are and how each piece interacts? I'm not sure I can do this with a calculation, but it's entirely possible. I'm just trying to get a SUM on a certain set of records to display SOMEWHERE in a layout. The fields are from a related table, but have nothing to do with the related records. It's just a way to SUM the objects in a portal by "filtering" the amount.
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