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  1. I'm sorry, what does "TO" mean?
  2. I am currently working on a database that will score our company's suppliers. I have one table that contains all contact information for the suppliers (Suppliers), and another related table that contains the actual score entries (Scorecards). Suppliers are scored on pieces shipped on time and quality reports. We only ever send a scorecard to suppliers based on information from the current year, so I have a field in the Scorecards table for year. The layout I am working with is based on the Suppliers table, with a portal displaying the related entries from Scorecards in the specified year. Now, where I'm running into trouble is my attempt to retrieve a total for Shipped pieces for a specific Supplier in a Specific year. In other words, how do I get FMP to take many related records, and sum only related records based on data in a third field?
  3. Printing in different orientations

    Thank you very much LaRetta, this did the trick!
  4. Printing in different orientations

    I have a database, which has two printable forms. One has been designed in portrait, and the other in landscape. Both of them are only ever printed using buttons tied to script steps, never manually. I was hoping that there would be some way to specify orientation via the script. However, after some poking around of my own and light Google searching I am thinking this may not be so easy. I am able to go into Print setup to change the orientation just fine, however this sets it for the entire database which is not all around helpful. While specifying the options in the print step, I am able to change orientation. For some reason though, this changes the default orientation across the entire database. Not even while running the script, but just specifying it in the options of the script step. So now I'm at a loss. If this is not able to be done, redesigning one of the forms wouldn't be that difficult. But if there's a way to do what I'm trying to do, any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Thank you very much Wim! This did the trick
  6. I have a form in which users make measurements of multiple parts, then input the max and min measurements. I then have conditional formatting that compares these maxes and mins to the hard mins and maxes for that part. If the inputted max is larger than the hard max, or the inputted min is smaller than the hard min; the conditional formatting is supposed to highlight that measurement in red. This has worked in almost every case I have tested so far, except for one strange case. I have a hard min of 9.8, and my user is attempting to input 10 as the min. FileMaker is highlighting this in red, even though 10 is larger than 9.8. When we change it 9.9 it isn't red, but 10.1 makes it red as well. I have no idea why this is happening, so any assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated!
  7. Thank you comment this did the trick!
  8. I currently have a form that contains a portal. In the portal there is a value that will either be "Accepted" or "Rejected". I'm wondering if there's a way to parse through this table to check if any related values have a "Rejected" or if they are all "Accepted". Then using that outcome, decide if the form should display Rejected or Accepted. Please let me know if I need to provide any more information and/or images. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!
  9. Copying associated data between tables

    Oh my gosh. Thank you so much Fitch. You have solved something that I've been stuck on for a few days now. This worked perfectly!
  10. Copying associated data between tables

    That won't work for me unfortunately. I don't have a simple relationship like that. I have Lots, tied to Part Revs, tied to Parts
  11. I have a table that contains dimensional data for parts. Each record has a unique ID, but also has another field with the ID associated with the part. I have another table that I'll be storing individual inspection data on. I was wondering if it's at all possible to parse the first table, and copy over all records that have a specific part ID to the second table whenever someone starts a new inspection record. Please let me know if I need to provide any more information and/or pictures. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer!
  12. Referencing specific data in other tables

    I answered your question. RecordedDimensions
  13. Referencing specific data in other tables

    Your assumption is correct. So, I currently have one form for building the parts. This is where the manager will enter in what dimensions are being inspected, what tools, and the tolerances through a portal linked to the Dimensions table Then, as the inspections are actually performed, they will pull up the following screen: The portal on the left contains all of the information that the manager entered in earlier. I want the user to be able to enter information into the portal on the right, which points to the table RecordedDimensions. Which I have working correctly besides the instrument dropdown.
  14. Referencing specific data in other tables

    A conditional value list is exactly what I'm trying to make. It's a little easier said than done though, since I'm storing values in one table, but referencing them in another. Currently when entering values, my stored values table doesn't know which report from the Dimensions table it's referencing. If I could figure out how to the dimensions and stores values 1-to-1, I could do a conditional value list. I've managed to get the drop down to only show Gage ID's related to the gages used in the inspection. However, it shows ID's from all of the gages used on that inspection. Whereas I want it to only show the ID's for the gage used on that specific dimension. Let me know what I can clarify for you.
  15. I am currently building a database to handle the inspection sheets used by our Quality lab. Here is the relationship layout: For each revision on the Revisions table, I have a differing number of Dimensions that need to be measured (some parts/revs will have 5 dimensions, while others will have 15). Each dimension has a specified type of instrument used in measurement, and a max/min value. The instrument used is a drop down menu that references a list of instruments/gages that we use. Here is how I have my inspection sheet currently laid out: The portal on the left points towards my dimensions table. It shows the data corresponded to the specified Part Number and Revision level. The data contained in this portal is uneditable from this form. The portal on the right points towards my RecordedDimensions table. It will store data that will correspond back to the Lot# associated with that inspection sheet. I also have a table that pairs all the different types of instruments we use, with their corresponding gage ID's: Now I would like my user to be able to click on the dropdown box under Instrument#, and that drop down box will only show the Gage ID's for the specified gage. So, if on the dimensions table, a dimension calls out for Digital Micrometers to be used, then when my user goes to select the instrument ID (which is saved in the RecordedDimensions table) it will would allow them to choose 151, 152, 153, 306, 324, 330, and 331. Please let me know if I have not provided enough information/pictures, I will gladly provide more. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer me!

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