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  1. Hi, I have a FM7 database (Mac) that I developed for myself to manage a small apt rental biz. I just upgraded my Mac and now need to repurchase FM. At the same time, I'd like to add remote use so that I can manage things when I'm away (without taking the Mac), but don't want to add in significant annual costs since most use is at home. Seems to me there are three basic options: 1) Put it on a server, and always use the server for everything. No local copy. 2) Keep it on my Mac, and put a copy on a server. 3) Keep it on my Mac, and put a copy on a device using FM Go. Seems the whole hosting solution got complicated, and costs/issues are not at all clear. For (1), once upon a time, you could just have any site host a FM database, but now it's only AWS? Can I still buy FM14 and therefore have it hosted more simply/cheaply? For (2), can they sync automagically? For (3), do I need to recopy the database to/from the device to sync? Also, is FM Go stable? Nothing but questions. In essence, I'm looking for advice on the best solution -- lowest cost/hassle. This is not a big database but it does use scripts (mainly to automatically construct emails). And again, I'm the only user. I'd really appreciate guidance. Thanks in advance!

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