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  1. I'm having this same issue but can't seem to find anything. Mine is a tiny gap just below the bottom field. I've done both of your suggestions, but still a tiny gap. Is the gap the hidden fields just not completely hiding?
  2. This is the latest on how it looks. I removed the lines and made all the boxes hide if nothing is there.
  3. Which boxes are you referring to? I can take out the vertical lines no problem to make it work. Just so I can make sure I'm doing this correctly, first I would click the line object I have underneath the fields, and then the "Year" field. Go to Sliding and Visibility; click sliding up based on: Only objects directly above.
  4. Okay, unchecked those boxes. Still not working. I'm attaching what it looks like in layout mode to see if you can spot what I am doing wrong. As you can see, I've got the "year" field to disappear if nothing is in the "subject" column. I just want the bolded line to move up if the fields are empty. Do you see anything? I left aligned the "year" column as well if that's what you were you referring.
  5. I know that, this screen shot is of preview mode. Sliding didn't work.
  6. I'm having some issues with the understanding of Sliding & Visibility feature of the Position section of the Inspector. I've attached a screenshot of the what it would look like when printed, but would like to know how to work through making that space below the last subject and bringing up the line separating the next grade. There are fields there, where the blank space is, but it has conditional formatting so that if the subject is missing, none of the other information will show. Essentially there are a total of 15 subject fields going down vertically but want the section to move up
  7. I do apologize. I was trying to find that feature, "code block" when I was formatting my question to send but could not find it. Is that just the "code" feature at the top? I'm sorry for the inconvenience for your time. I'm new and trying to figure out the ropes of this board. Thank you for your time.
  8. What could be the reason for anything coming through on the Final Grade higher than "100" showing up as a "B+" in the system. I added in a solution for it to look for a "100" in the Final Grade slot but then made every option an "A+". If(IsEmpty ( Sub1Final_Grade );""; Case ( Sub1Final_Grade ≥ "96.5" ; "A+" ; Sub1Final_Grade ≥ "92.5" ; "A" ; Sub1Final_Grade ≥ "89.5"; "A-" ; Sub1Final_Grade ≥ 86.5; "B+"; Sub1Final_Grade ≥ 82.5 ; "B" ; Sub1Final_Grade ≥ 79.5 ; "B-" ; Sub1Final_Grade ≥ 76.5 ; "C+" ; Sub1Final_Grade ≥ 72.5 ; "C" ; Sub1Final_Grade ≥ 69.5 ; "C-" ; Sub1Final_Grade
  9. The Grade_Level is set up as a number field, not a text field. Nevermind, got it to work. Had to play around with the formula a little.
  10. Case ( IsEmpty ( Sub1E1 & Sub1Q2 ); Sub1Q1 ; IsEmpty ( Sub1E1 ) ; (Sub1Q2 + Sub1Q1) / 2 ; Grade_Level ≥ 11 ; (Sub1Q1 * .4) + (Sub1Q2 * .4) + (Sub1E1 * .2) ; Grade_Level < 11 ; (Sub1Q1 * .45) + (Sub1Q2 * .45) + (Sub1E1 * .1)) Back to the previous formula, I'm still having issues with the formula performing correctly when it comes to the Grade Level aspect. Should I reorder the way the Grade Level section goes through the operation? Grades 7-9 are operating upon the first Grade Level check >=11 Grade. 10th Grade is the only Grade that performs correctly when doing the math.
  11. If(IsEmpty ( Sub9First_Semester or Sub9Second_Semester); Sub9Grade_Point_Average/2 ; Case ( Sub9Final_Grade ≥ "96.5" ; "4" ; Sub9Final_Grade ≥ "92.5" ; "4" ; Sub9Final_Grade ≥ "89.5"; "3.7" ; Sub9Final_Grade ≥ 86.5; "3.3"; Sub9Final_Grade ≥ 82.5 ; "3" ; Sub9Final_Grade ≥ 79.5 ; "2.7" ; Sub9Final_Grade ≥ 76.5 ; "2.3" ; Sub9Final_Grade ≥ 72.5 ; "2" ; Sub9Final_Grade ≥ 69.5 ; "1.7" ; Sub9Final_Grade ≥ 66.5 ; "1.3" ; Sub9Final_Grade ≥ 64.9 ; "1" ; Sub9Final_Grade < 64 ; "0" ; "")) I'm trying to make my Grade Point Average field divide by 2 if one or the other Semester is emp
  12. That cleared it up by putting the two variables in the first testing. Thanks
  13. I'm trying to work on a formula that will do the math for this grading system that I'm working on but using Case and IF keep send back the first TRUE. There are couple different parameters that the "Semester Average" are looking for. First the solution looks for the First Semester Exam(SubE1) to see if it's empty or not, then if it is, it should pull Quarter 1(Sub1Q1) add Quarter 2(Sub1Q2) divide by 2 to get the solution. If Quarter 2(SubQ2) is missing and so is First Semester Exam(Sub1E1) then it should just fill in with Quarter 1's grade. The last part is for weighting of final exams p
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