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  1. Felicia

    Auto import with dynamic name

    Even better, thank you. I can move them with an applescript, no problem them. I think this solves everything. I'll check out Base Elements too.
  2. Felicia

    Auto import with dynamic name

    I was thinking just this actually, going to try tomorrow. Thank you all for the quick replies, I really apprecaite it.
  3. Felicia

    Auto import with dynamic name

    Thank you! This is great. I might be able to figure this out but maybe you have an easy answer. So now it brings the entire text file into the first record. So I get the following in the first field. 610393001425,1 610393071503,2 000399576483,1 610393072104,1 610393072142,1 000399332089,2 000399492882,2 000399492868,1 610393001463,3 610393060231,2 610393072074,1 000399565111,3 000399572294,3 000399390706,2 610393001616,2 000399578951,2 610393001555,1 I need to pull this out to be 17 individual records. Thanks!
  4. Felicia

    Auto import with dynamic name

    Hello. The unique identifier would be the file name. We have 500,000 skus so any one of those can be in the file. They aren't even all the same length. I do not know what parts are going to be scanned. Just which department in the store we're scanning that day. I will want it to run every 10 min, I haven't done that part yet. First I need to find a way to import any file that is in the folder, regardless of the name of the file.
  5. Felicia

    Auto import with dynamic name

    Hello, thank you. I hope someone jumps on too. The file is a .txt. Sample file attached, it's just a barcode, comma, quantity. Picture of import attached. In a perfect world, the file name would also import but I may have to update that later with a variable, that will be ok. There are lots of script steps that would come after this import. This is the only part of the whole process that requires human interaction at the moment. The location will always be the same. I can have the folder with the scans have ALL or remove them as they import using an applescript. Thank you. 04_02_01_1203.txt
  6. Hello all, This is my first post. Each year we do inventory in a retail location. We have 25 scanners that collect the barcodes that are counted and they include what tag/section number they have scanned. We auto send all the scanner files to 1 computer in a specific folder on that computer. However, they are tagged by scanner number, store number, day of the week and military time. I'm looking to find a way that filemaker can scan that import files from that folder every 10 minutes, import the file there and put in the file name into a specific field, append the end of the file to "imported" and move somewhere else (or at least not import again). Thoughts? I can have it renamed and/or moved with an apple script but not sure how to get filemaker to check the folder to pull in different file names. Thank you in advance. Felicia

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