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  1. Hi Wim, thankyou for your reply: I can't see an email client - it's baffling me! - So I guess I need to go on a PC forum to get that bit sorted yes? Many thanks, FileDumb
  2. Hi everyone, I have done some research on this but cannot make headway so any help would be much appreciated! I am currently thus: • Using FM 13 pro advanced to create a runtime solution for use on Windows 7 PC • All well apart from when I go to a script to send an attachment by email... "email client not found" comes up... Tried setting the default email client but it doesn't show in default programs in Win 7 Incidentally this system I created works ok in Mac! (but it won't be used on a Mac so... Many thanks in advance, FileDumb
  3. Got it! I double clicked on the first popover window (not the popover button but the window itself once opened) and accessed the 'slide control'. I had not, hitherto, seen this. There I could select 'slide 2' and access the 'New Product' panel and format the currency. Thank you all for assisting as best you could: I hope this might help someone else like me, unfamiliar with all the 'popover' bits & bobs. It looks like a very useful tool too. Cheers
  4. It's called "New Product Panel" It looks like when the first popover is open that when this script is activated it 'slides across' to this object. The script I refer to is one labelled 'Popover | New Product' Script steps are: • Set Field [GetNextSerialValue (Get (FileName) ; GetFieldName (All products | Popover::SERVICE ID MATCH FIELD)) • Set Script Animation [On] • Set Field [New Product | Popover::Category; "Product"] • Commit Records/Requests [no dialog] • Go To Field [select/perform; New Product | Popover::Item] That's it - it's a short script but I can't fathom how it's getting to the layout/object I want to edit the fields on for currency formatting purposes... [emoji53]
  5. Thanks for your reply: what I have is in the 'starter solution' > invoices It's where you add an invoice item to an invoice and can then add a new service from that pop up: the additional pop up is not a 'pop up' button but a button attached to a script which opens up an object that has the fields I want to format. It says 'popover' in the script but I cannot get to that layout - it doesn't exist as a layout as such.
  6. Hi, Sorry I meant to say: the individual fields are sitting on the popover and the popover is activated by a button/script that's set to 'go to object'. When I created a button just to go to that object and then enter layout mode the object (and fields I wish to format currency for) disappear!
  7. Hi people, I am at a total loss here so any help appreciated! New to using popovers hence my question: a button/script that sits 'within' a popover panel then accesses a named object which allows creation of a service/product with a price on it. Problem: the price is in $ and I want £ ... BUT I can't then get that object up in layout mode to format currency as it disappears when I access layout mode! I seem to be able to access the initial popover ok and have changed currency on that one but this has really got me! Heeeelp! Many thanks in advance. Cheers
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