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  1. Hi, I have a List View part Sub-Summary when sorted by ProductType for example Mobile Phones, Headphones. When I sort by ProductType, I get this list Mobile Phones Apple Iphone 7 Apple Iphone 7s Headphones Apple Airpods Beats Headphones What I would like to do is sort the records inside the Sub-Summary ProductType without breaking the Sub-Summary ProductType. Mobile Phones Apple Iphone 7s Apple Iphone 7 Headphones Beats Headphones Apple Airpods My idea is to add a number field to the record but the Sub-Summary is lost when I add the number field to the sort Mobile Phones Apple Iphone 7s | 1 Apple Iphone 7 | 2 Headphones Beats Headphones | 1 Apple Airpods | 2 Thanks
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