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  1. Hey Francisco, The quickest way to figure out what's going on would be to get a hold of our plugin logs for a user that is experiencing this issue. Assuming your scripts are being called client-side and users have the plugin installed, we would want one of them to send us logs immediately after getting that pop up. Our logs document plugin functions as they're being executed, so by examining the order in which functions are being called, we should be able to figure out the problem. Usually when we see this error, it indicates that you're trying to perform outgoing e-mail functions befor
  2. Hey Eric, The Rich Text Editor Addon by Claris uses HTML tags to create the rich text features, much like a WYSIWYG text editor (eg, QuillJS). If you look at the raw contents of the field you're editing with the addon, you'll see html tags everywhere you make any formatting changes. It's still entirely compatible with our Email Plugin, you would just want to make sure to switch the body-type from plaintext to html in any plugin calls. For instance, assuming you're using EmailSetBody to attach your body text while generating an e-mail, make sure to switch from the first step to th
  3. Hey there, Do you know what version of MirrorSync you are running? If you are using MirrorSync4, try installing this dev version: http://sc.360works.com/SuperContainer/Files/pro/360/NewMirrorSyncBuild You can run the installer and it will update your MirrorSync software without touching your configurations or sync data. Once the install finishes, download a new config client and try to reproduce your issue. Hopefully, if you're still having issues, you'll at least be able to submit your logs to us. If the bug reporting feature still isn't working, can you manually send us
  4. Hey Iain! Could you please submit your 360Works plugin logs to support@360works.com? I omitted your screencapture for security concerns. Here's some documentation on how to get to our plugin logs on your machine: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files Thank you, Junior
  5. Hey there, The best way to troubleshoot customization scripts is to run them while on the layout you are filtering using the data viewer and script debugger. This can often help identify what's going on behind the scenes that is causing your scripts not to filter the way you want them to. If you'd like, if you are still having issues after debugging, shoot me an email and I'd be more than happy to discuss what's going on. My email is junior@360works.com. Junior Perez 360Works Support
  6. Hey Stickybeak, SetErrorCapture doesn't exist as a script step, just as a calculation. Not all of our functions could be ported from calculations into script steps when FileMaker 16 came out, but they can be still be invoked just the same. Try the following line towards the beginning of that script: Set Variable [ $setErrorCaptureOn ; ScribeSetErrorCapture(true) ]; Here's a link to our documentation that describes the function in more detail: http://static.360works.com/plugins/Scribe/documentation.html#ScribeSetErrorCapture I hope that works. If not, please reply to
  7. Hey there, Basically, when using XML, MirrorSync relies on the script steps to perform operations. When using JDBC on a server to server sync, I believe our script steps aren't being utilized at all as all communications occur over JDBC. However, for a Server to Pro/Go configuration, we do rely on script steps to hit FMPro/Go solutions (while using JDBC between the Server and MirrorSync). If your sync is server to server, then you can ignore the inability to copy and paste these steps. Otherwise, we do have to respect that restriction. It's a limitation imposed by FileMaker as to
  8. Hey Rick, What version of MirrorSync are you using? Would you mind updating to this version: http://sc.360works.com/SuperContainer/Files/pro/360/NewMirrorSyncBuild, and then giving it another shot? Also, what version of FMGo are you using? If that update doesn't work, please shoot us an e-mail at support@360works.com or call us at 770.234.9293 and we'll get this figured out. Junior Perez
  9. Hey Christian, We recently identified that with the latest version of Excel, whether it generates a file or seemingly just touches it, the file becomes unloadable by Scribe. I'm assuming it's manipulating the file formatting in a way that causes our plugin to not be able to parse through it correctly. Our Scribe developer is aware and will be working on this issue. I'll post back on this Forum when we come up with a fix. If you'd like, please shoot me an email (jperez@360works.com) and I can alert you directly when everything's been resolved. Thanks for bringing this to our attent
  10. Hey David, Please e-mail me at jperez@360works.com and we'll get your issue taken care of. We're also open right now (10a-6p Eastern Time are our hours) so if you're able to call, please do. We can be reached at 770.234.9293, or if you'd rather Skype I'll provide that information via e-mail. Junior Perez
  11. Hey, Deploy will always move the development file to the production server, followed by a record import to make the dev file your new production solution. If you just want to import records from one solution to another, I'd suggest just using the native FileMaker import function to accomplish this. There's not a manual way to trigger just the import process in Deploy.
  12. Hey there, I'm interested in knowing who your hosting provider is, what version or MirrorSync they're using, and a little bit about your setup. Assuming we haven't already resolved this issue, would you mind emailing me that info at jperez@360works.com? I'd like to see your logs to get at the bottom of this and we may end up reaching out to your hosting provider. Thanks! Junior Perez 360Works Support
  13. I believe we've seen this and its fix is being incorporated into our next Plastic update. Our developers are working on the update now and I expect it to be out soon. I'll be curious to see if we see this error is the next release (Plastic 3.09). Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll make a general post when the release is out.
  14. Hey Nightwalker, Based on a little digging I did, I get the impression this prompt you're seeing is related to a feature in Office365/Exchange software allowing users to relay e-mails on behalf of other users. I'm guessing that somehow the way this user's account was configured doesn't allow them to succeed with the task they're trying to execute. I don't get the impression this is related to the 360Works plugin. If you want me to take a closer look, or would like to have a developer take a look at this and see what they suggest doing to fix this, by all means please reach out to
  15. Hey there, That should do the trick. It appears as though the complaint our plugin had was with null being passed as a parameter, meaning it wasn't being set at all. I'll talk to our developer in regards to whether TestMode should default to a value if not set, or provide some error prompting indicating the issue in plain language. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
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