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    xochi...thanks! FM16 definitely can do this natively now...however the hosting fees associated in my case (10 users accessing only via WebDirect) in FM16 is astronomical for my client...and I can't afford my own server license. I spoke with my new hosting provider (FMPHost) and they said it's fine by them having a "robot user"...they have clients do it all the time in FM14. Given the increased hosting fees...and plugin options...I think this is the route I need to go...seem correct?
  2. surgite71

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    dwdata... I may need to explore this route however haven't worked much with PHP. Due to hosting costs, I can't move the database I'm developing from FM14 to 16...the hosting/server pricing costs have increased so dramatically, my client will never pay those monthly fees. As such, I'm stuck with FM14 as they're accessing the database via WebDirect only...unless I can find a way to snag a licensed version of FM14 for Windows that I can install on one of their machines, however that seems unlikely. Do you have a page on your website the would give me some more direction on this PHP/mySQL route you discussed? Thanks! Joshua
  3. I believe the second one will do the trick! And I'm embarrassed to say...this will be my first use/install of a custom function...I've always just used scripts! Time for something new! I'll give it a try tomorrow as I honestly have to refer to YouTube to see how to make use of/call it. Thanks @Lee Smith
  4. Thanks! Since each line is different for the number of characters to add...there's no way to do a loop/if-then in a Calculation is there? So let's say for line 1, I need 5 spaces added to the front of my text...then line 2 needs 12....line 3 needs only 1. I can't think of a way to tell the calculation to loop through and add X number of spaces per line.
  5. Ok...actually I realized what I only need to do is add spaces on the left hand side...the rest of it takes care of itself. So I guess my question really is...how do I add X amount of spaces to the front of a text string I'm creating with a calculation. My calculation will tell me how many spaces I need for each row...I just can't find a Filemaker script step that lets me add X number of spaces. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! For each field I need to check to see if there's data, I created a subsequent calculation field. I used If and IsEmpty combination, such as: c_StyleAge_Property = If ( IsEmpty ( StyleAge_Property ) ; "" ; "Style/Age: " & StyleAge_Property ) Then using the merge fields on the layout, it'll bump up lines that do not have any values. So on the layout, I'm using the calculation field I created (c_StyleAge_Property), not the original field (StyleAge_Property). After thinking about it further, my columns can hold 44 characters. In the first instance with the "Construction Stick Built", that is 25 characters. So if I take 44-25, that tells me I need to add 19 spaces on that row so it's lined up. I'd need 10 in front and 9 in back since 19/2 doesn't come out as a round number. Does that help?
  7. Greetings and thanks for giving this a look! I am rebuilding a client's database that was done formerly in PHP. I'm now using FM 16 Pro Advanced. There is one print layout I'm having trouble recreating. There are a number of data fields the realtors fill out...some get filled in, other times some don't. In addition it needs to print the name of the data field then the data itself, so for instance "Construction Stick Built". I've figured out how to go through and print only the fields (and their labels) that have data. The issue I have is with the spacing in the columns. In the attached photo, you can see that each label/data line is neatly organized in a column so that the space between the label and the data is consistent all the way down the column. It's not centered, and it's not justified...it calculates for each row of data, how much space is needed in that row to line everything up. Would I need to determine how wide the column is, and then calculate how long the combo of the field name and data is (with that nice separator space in between them) and then use that to space everything? Seems like a lot of calculations going on but maybe that's what needs done? I also need to figure out if the data will require it being in 1 column or using a 2 column like the one in the picture. I believe I can figure that out...it's this 2-column alignment/spacing that's got me tied up. Thanks!
  8. surgite71

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    Xochi...I would be in your boat. I am having the database I'm working on for a client hosted by DataTrium, so it's not my hardware and I don't have a second machine to dedicate to the "robot". Assuming this is a scenario similar to what you'd mentioned here? Thanks! Joshua

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