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  1. Hi Lee Thanks for the link, much appreciated. I cannot attach the actual project as it is for work, but I dragged out the potion I am having issues with into a smaller file and have attached it. RMA_Test_Contact.fmp12
  2. Hi All I am fairly new to FIlemaker and am working on a project that I want to have a few conditional value drop down lists for product entry. I want to have the ability to enter in multiple line items and have copied the fields to make up 5 lines. The issue I am having is that the drop-down menu selections populate all of the line items when something is selected. For example, if I select something in the first field, it selects the same section on all 5 lines I feel like I am missing something simple but have been banging my head on this for a while and I am not getting anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
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