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  1. Hi Josh, Thanks for your quick reply. I need to figure out what this mean and how I can reestablish the links without manually going through and inserting the references. Kelsey
  2. I would like to set up an existing Container Field to store the files inserted by Drag and Drop as reference only. I've looked at the FileMaker Help for container fields, and the External Storage method seems to be the what I need, but I'm lost. Currently, I have script steps that use AppleScript from way back provided by Fenton. When we upgraded from fp7, it stoped working so I have been inserting them manually. I'm in the process of updating a file that the old links were broken because of a Hard Disk Failure. would like to automize this process. The files are NOT in a single folder, but are kept in individual folders that are tied to different clients. All suggestions are greatly appreciated. TIA Kelsey
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