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  1. Color codes in filemaker

    I think the quick answer is yes, but you need to give specifics to see which way is best for you.
  2. Hi Hope I'm understanding you correctly......try this Perform a find to find the records you want to delete...... then from the main menu select .......Records> Delete found records ... This will delete the records that you have in the current find . Maybe you should export them before deleting ?? ....just in case you might need them in the future ?? Regards Stephen
  3. How to assign an account to a contact

    Thanks Steve & Jonathan ....i understand now.
  4. How to assign an account to a contact

    Hi Steve Thanks for this. Just to clarify, I'm using FM Starting Point so the Contacts module and Accounts Module are already linked? There are over 1,700 entries so manual linking each contact to the respective Account would be an ordeal So ..I have manually entered (imported) the Company name (Account) into the contacts module and the Accounts module .....instead of clicking the magnifying glass and manually assigning each contact to company name (Account) entry I'm hoping there is a way to assign each contact to the account using a script or relookup ????
  5. Hello All I have an excel spreadsheet with contact names, company names , email, phone etc. I imported the company details email & phone to the Accounts module and I imported the contact names & associated account name to the Contacts module How do I "relookup" the account names so that the contact is assigned to the Account in the accounts module? Regards Stephen Murphy Ireland
  6. Hi Jonathan I've managed to do the script and field modifications but i seem to be having a challenge with adding the new button on the email template When I duplicate one of the other buttons after changing the criteria in the new "if" script I'm just getting the same field from the button that I duplicated ? Stephen
  7. Hi Jonathan I'll try that and let you know how I get on thanks Best regards Stephen
  8. How do you add an additional insert field button on the email template in the contacts module?
  9. How to invoice a Timesheet

    Perfect ..... Thanks Jonathan
  10. When a timesheet is created how do you invoice it to relate the invoice number to the timesheet? In the timesheets module there is a note on the Help section bottom left under "General Notes"..... "If you see a √ on a line item, that line iten has been invoiced" How do you get the √ to appear

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