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  1. For the record, I too have had this issue for quite some time. The only fix until now was a full reboot. To your point, I am using TextExpander and quit the application. This has resolved my issue without the need to reboot. Thanks!! Dead link
  2. Just saved my bacon! It worked like a charm. I'd also like to add, I believe the issue was created in my case due to upgrading my MacBook Pro. I had recently restored from a TimeMachine backup as a migration from the old computer.
  3. Thanks for the information. I actually had a colleague point me in the right direction. I failed to understand that in order to use a client, I had to have the plugin installed locally. It makes total sense, I would have known this if I was more familiar with FM Plugins.
  4. Now I have setup FMS15 for testing and I get the same results. This is so very frustrating. I am hoping for some help (soon), I'm sure it is a simple solution, but after exhausting Google and your support forum, I am at a loss. Please don't tell me that I MUST downgrade Java to Java 6 in order for this to work, that would just be silly.
  5. I won't bore you with ALL the trouble I have had trying to install the Email plugin on our FMS 14. Suffice it to say, we purchased the plugin months ago and couldn't get it to work (v2.17) only to give up. We upgraded yesterday to v3.05 in hopes of not having to deal with downgrading Java on our server to get it to work. The short of it now: I have the email plugin installed on our server with all appearances of it installed and activated. However, the plugin does not show up in any hosted database on that server. The example database supplied (opened from the server) displays the <Function Missing>. An exhaustive search of Google has not provided any insight. Once last night I received the error in the console 'Status' "Plug-in failed to load: 360Works_Email.fmplugin", unfortunately I can not get this error, nor any other to appear again. I have found the post about 'Plugin Failed to load' and have attempted to follow the instructions even though it was NOT an issue of moving the plugin from a different computer. I agree it is possible to be related to a permission issue, however, I have tried many times to remove and reinstall with different permissions and I get the same luck. Your assistance is GREATLY appreciated!
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