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  1. I used Go to related record. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am trying to do lookup from one table to next via script. I made a button A in table1 and after clicking it, it should open a record matching the ID number of table 2. How can I do that? thanks
  3. Following are answers to your questions. 1. Only total of each response is needed 2. Students doesnt use filemker. We have questionnaire in one website. And we import data from that website in form of excel. 3."N" is nothing, just total no. of question. This field can be discarded. 4. This file is needed as summary report for each classes and to know the student response 5. Importing data from excel(excel comes from the questionnaire website) 6. FM 2015 version 7. print,
  4. I am new to filemaker. I am attaching the excel sheet and filemaker file here with. Assessment-TSIE_Program_Evaluation-06212017.xls Assessment-TSIE_Program_Evaluation.fmp12
  5. Hi everyone. I am trying to export data from excel which is in form of questionnaire to new file in Filemaker. I made similar layout in Filemaker with all questions. I wrote script Import records(source: "export file") Go to record/ request page[first] . This script is importing data to the new filemaker file but its not in sequence. My excel sheet has 10 questions with their question no. defined. But in layout i wrote every questions. While importing, i am getting all data in only one row. that is 10 data from excel in 10 records in filemaker but in same single row. whereas I want to import data according to the questions no. I have attached imges for reference if my question is confusing. Here in image we can see that the value of excel sheet is going to only one row in filemaker unlike it should be imported to different rows. Thanks,
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