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    Tweaking tab control height

    Many thanks for the kind comment....
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    Tweaking tab control height

    Hi, I'm Nick Hunter developer at RCC who designed the new FMSP. There's only one way to tweak Tab Control height. There is 2 type of Tabs: The Tab Control in Themes for Desktop Tab control in Themes for Touch. Tabs for Desktop are "thin" when tabs for touch are twice as big. How to transfer thick tabs control from a Touch Theme to a desktop theme? 1- Create a layout with the theme of your choice for Touch. 2 - Create a Tab Control 3 - Copy the Tab Control Tab from the theme for touch. 4 - Go to the layout with the theme for Desktop 5 - Create a Tab Control 6 - Paste the style to the Tab Control... The tab becomes like the one for Touch. 7- Save a new Style... and Voilà. You have now both Tab Control in the same layout.

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