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  1. Mr. Blackwell, What in tarnation are you talking about kind sir? What does "how to make a button produce a random password" have to do with your security issues. Trust me sir, as a UNIX Network Administrator with a $60k plus degree I am fully aware of and inpose all security measures where needed. Still not sure what this has to do with my question at all... You are guessing at how I am using this button without having any idea...
  2. So using the set field option will allow me to get to a calculation step with a button? AWESOME! See, I knew it was a simple method, just never had a need to do this before and was not sure. Knew what I needed to do, just not how to get there. Thanks! =)
  3. A little background I have a DB which keeps users logins/passwords for a business so they have all their login information for everything at work. My Issue I need the user to be able to click a button that creates a random password and places it into the password field when the button is clicked. I am making a button like this for each sections password field. I know I need to make a calculation, I have made these types of scripts before. However, how do I get to a calculation to perform this action with a button in filemaker? I am sure this is so obvious I will slap myself but right now I am at a loss. Maybe I have been working on these 5 solutions too long and need a break. LOL Any help, suggestions are very welcome...Thank you! =)
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