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  1. tomus007

    Problem when I use OnLayoutKeyStroke.

    Thanks Steve Martino I set Codebot to First Tab and Amount Tendered to last tab but it's Jump to Codebot. I think so create new layout for process to type in Amount Tendered with duplicate this Portal. Can you help me.
  2. i have Problem when I use OnLayoutKeyStroke. I use Barcode Scanner so I use OnLayoutKeyStroke But I have Ploblem about to click or type other field it's jump to Field Codebot( field for Script Barcode Scanner ) Plaese Help me to type or click other Field
  3. I want script to control Stock(Inventory) when i verify Cash sale. Help Me Please. this is my script and this is Retionship
  4. I want as picture. please help me This is link my file https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjrtFSspSDzIjq51NqzqKirQherK6A
  5. I have problem with Script Button for group same product in one row on portal row in Invoice Layout
  6. my scipt is take to portal row is dupplicate Helpme Please from use this layout my script button

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