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  1. I just adapted your script into my solution, and it worked perfectly. Thanks very much.
  2. Tempting, but every time I've done something like that in the past, it has eventually come back to bite me. I'll need to produce some charts, so I think that spinning off a separate table is the way to go. But thanks for the idea.
  3. It's good to know that I was on the right track, but this is much cleaner than where I was going. I was not aware of the ValueCount function. Thank you for educating me.
  4. I need to import data from a Google Forms survey. One of the fields is a text field containing multiple semi-colon-delimited values (e.g., "basketball;football;track & field;volleyball"). I need to break these out into separate records in a related table. The only idea I've come up with is to capture the field contents into a variable, count the values (using a method I have not yet figured out), create a related record with the leftmost value (the method of identifying which I have not yet figured out, given that some values contain multiple words and spaces), delete the leftmost value , increment a counter, then loop until the counter reaches a number equal to the number of values originally in the field. I can see lots of ways for this to break. Before I start slogging through it, I wanted to see if anyone has a better idea. Thanks. FMPA 18, macOS 10.15.3
  5. These are helpful, as far as they go. And I'm using only about half of them consistently. Perhaps I should focus more on habitually using what IS available. Thanks for your help.
  6. I prefer to use the mouse as little as possible. I have tried unsuccessfully to find keyboard controls for Script Workspace. For example, if I want to enter a Sort Records step, I can enter the command by typing s-o-r, then Return. But then I have to reach for the mouse to turn off the dialog and click the cog icon to get to the specifics. Once I get to the field list, I can use the keyboard for only a few strokes. For example, if I have fields nameFirst nameLast nameMiddle namePreferred entering n-a takes me to nameFirst, but it stops filtering at that point. Entering n-p, or even n-a-m-e-p, will not take me to namePreferred. Writing scripts is a constant back-and-forth between keyboard and mouse. I feel like I'm making a dumb mistake. There's something that I've overlooked. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks. macOS 10.14.6 FMPA 18.0.3
  7. Problem solved. As comment suspected, the problem was with the date field. The dates appear to be correct, but changing the format corrects the problem in the other fields. Thanks to both of you for your replies.
  8. I have a tool with the following fields. studentDOB - a date field tracking birthdate studentDOBMonthName - a calculation field returning text result - MonthName (studentDOB) studentDOBMonthNumber - a calculation field returning number result - Month (studentDOB) The DOB field works fine. But the other two fields return question marks. This is an FMPA 17 file, hosted on FMS17, accessed on macOS 10.14.2. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I have a solution that includes student photos. The standard display is 4.5cm x 5.0cm. I would like to include a popover that displays an enlarged photo. But no matter how large I make the container, the photo remains 4.5x5.0. If I export the photo and open it in Preview, it's much larger. Any suggestions? Thanks. macOS 10.3.6 FMA Photos are JPGs
  10. Wow. How did I overlook this? The path of least resistance! Thank you, Josh.
  11. Well. That would make a difference. I misread their site. Thank you.
  12. Thank you, Lee. Using plug-ins to enhance Script Manager is an approach that had not occurred to me. I should perhaps have mentioned that I'm an in-house developer for a non-profit. At $150 each, the plug-ins are out of my reach, whereas a text editor is already in my budget. I could drop my current editor and switch to one that supports FM without affecting the bottom line.
  13. I develop on a Mac (10.13.6) using FMPA 17. I would prefer to code in a text editor, and have recently become aware of the TextMate + FileMaker Bundle option. From my initial test drive, I prefer this environment to working in Script Workspace. But before I make the investment, I wanted to see if anyone has found an option that is better still. (The path of least resistance for me would be for FileMaker to be a language option in BBEdit, but I haven't been able to find that anywhere.) My primary desires for this coding environment would be choosing my own font (and size), code coloring, code folding, snippet expansion, and the ability to control everything from the keyboard without having to reach for the mouse. I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has found such an environment, and from anyone who has been using TextMate and can comment on that experience. Thanks.
  14. I think I've found a satisfactory workaround. Thank you very much for your time.
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