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  1. Hey, I'm fairly new to Filemaker and have a few question which I hope you can clarify. I have a Filemaker solution which I use for multiple customers. This solution exist of 2 files, a layout file and a database file. Everytime a new customer comes I copy the 2 files and clear the database so they can start fresh. The problem i have with this method is that when I change something in one solution, I have to change it in all of them one by one. This takes way to many time. My question is : What is the best approach for this ? Is it possible to split up all "modules" to separate file? So I have a module (separate fm file) called Invoices, Contacts , Inventory etc... and set the database structure and scripts in the separate file. This way I have 1 main file which is connected to all the "modules" and all customers have their own main file connected to the "modules", this way if I change a script or database in the "module" it is changed with all customers. Is this even possible? or is there a better way to approach this? I hope you can give me some more information.
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