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  1. If I need event name, customEvents[i].title, with startDate and endDate in the parameter that return to FM when I click on a event. How can I modify it to get event.name in the parameter? Many thank in advance, Pat
  2. I have a problem making data appear at the bottom of the last page of a multi-page print. For example I have to print a 2 page invoice with the summary data at the bottom of the last page, fix position of summary to match with paper. I try to use Grand Trailing Summary part but the information will not appear at the position of the page and use Footer, show at the bottom of all page, also produces the wrong result. Could you have any suggestions? That appear from FMP Th is is I need to appear ( I print it to pdf and delete the part that I do not want to
  3. When I sold my product I need to add product name then select serial number of product then add to portal table. However, if I want to sell a product in many items, such as 100 items, it is very slow to add one product's serial to table at a time. Is it possible If I fill quantity to sell and run a script to input amount of serial number, sort ascending, equal to the quantity to portal table ? script that I used for now
  4. I would like to auto generate serial number to portal table equal quantity items that I fill. I wrote a script to create them but it is not work. I do not know I do something wrong in this script. Please suggestion for this situation
  5. my office have printed form for invoice that need to fix the position of any letter to match position when the report printed. like this
  6. Thank you for your suggestion. I follow that and I have got it ^___^ However, if I use this method I cannot fix the end of report that need to print on my company form. I try to use trailing grand summary but it not work to fix the position. Do you have anymore suggestion for this situation.
  7. I wrote an application to control product movement in my office but I cannot grouping duplicate list of product's name. For more information, My company's product need to use serial number to detect when it's received or sold out or comeback to repair. This is my script used to add data to table this is the result when I add to table ( I type in Excel for easy to see) but I need them to show like this So, anyone could you please suggest for this case
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