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  1. I was up during the night so I went through the installation and I see that it does recognize keys in self-joins. That was very concerning for my application. The advanced topic discussion in the online documentation led me to think that this possibly was not the case. Thanks for your time.
  2. It does, but what if I have other fields in a record that point to primary keys of other records in the SAME table? Those fields will not be changed and will point to the wrong records, correct? Or does MirrorSync change those also? (I'm assuming by 'foreign key' you mean relationships between tables and not within the same table you see.) Ron
  3. I'm new to MirrorSync but not new to FileMajer (I have my verion 1 disks still from 1985). The documentation seems to indicate that primary serial keys and timestamps are all you need, but in the advanced topics it seems to indicate that those primary keys should not be used in relationships? I'm confused here about the way the sync works. I'm a Pediatrician (now in my 35th year) and will be spending next summer doing health assessments up in Onaville, Haiti. I've developed a slimmed down version of the FileMaker EMR that runs my medical practice (since 2000) to help me do this. MirrorSync seems to indicate that simple primary keys and timestamps are all I need in each table to work offline and sync back to my server when I get where there is internet service. Individual patients in my database have self-join relationships to other individuals in that same table so that I can see who a person's parents as well as their children are. If those records are created in my iPhone while I'm offline, how does MirrorSync make sure that these self-joins fields are updated with the "new" serial primary keys? The advanced documentation seems to indicate that MirrorSync will NOT handle this at all? If that is the case then what is it that MirrorSync CAN do for anything but simply tables with no primary key relationships? Self-joins would in particular fail, but other relationships would, it seems to me, fail also? Can you describe how syncing exactly affects the primary keys which are used in relationships?

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