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  1. Thank you for the reply, It used to work in FMP14, 16, Now it does not in FMP 18. The underlying case is good workflow and laziness I guess..... I like to work in one file and not have to deal with browsers, email programs.. etc... My database does it all from 1 file. I use 360works plastic for PayPal API access however, instant transfers require signing on to Paypal front end... Only thing stopping that is webviewer and captcha incompatibilities. I think it's a Mac OS problem.... not FMP. Thanks again for answering, I will look into API access to see if pos
  2. Security Challenge when signing on to Paypal through Filemaker pro 18 web viewer. I see the text "Security Challenge" but nothing else shows up... all is invisible, making it impossible to solve the security challenge and sign in.... Mac Pro..OS High Sierra 10.13 ....running Filemaker 18 . I am having Java script issues I am assuming. Has anyone else had this similar issue and solved it? Thank you in advance Steve
  3. Filemaker pro 18, / Mac 10.13 In the Webviewer, Paypal is giving me the security challenge before signing in. Selecting the proper photos works but when I click verify, nothing happens. I have found a few people with similar problem on the forums but no answer is ever given.
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