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  1. Thanks for response. Using FM server and I am currently scanning documents onto an NAS via Filemaker ( to a custom location) and using the file path to display the scanned document in a container field. What I would like to do is Drag and drop into the container field (not import via script) to save time as I have thousands of documents to import Joseph
  2. Hi I have the same requirements as Kelsey does of needing to import word documents into a container by drag and drop but store in a remote location I don't really follow what the store by reference concept that is to be removed means. What I have is an NAS where I am storing documents and only storing the filepath in Filemaker to avoid bloating the file. Is it possible to drag and drop, have Filemaker store it in my desired location (so move the file or copy it to that location) and then display it? If so, what about dragging multiple files? Joseph
  3. I think that in the end, this is probably a better and simpler approach. Thank you for your advice Joseph
  4. I like the idea of the single step action, but how would this work?
  5. They are just tick boxes. Look better than the native Filemaker ones. Problem with attaching a script, is that the field is not entered and so the Get(active fieldname) won't work because the field is never active
  6. Awesome. This works really well. I notice though that by using this method, that the 1 or 0 becomes momentarily visible before seeing the tick If I set the field directly ( set field rather than set fieldbyname) that the 1 or zero is not displayed
  7. Hi guys Hoping for some intellectual input from those more experienced than I. I am trying to create a "portable tick box" By this I mean a script that I can attach to any field to make it a tick box So far I have created a number field and set it to display all non zero values as a tick. I have then attached a scriptrigger which runs a script on entering the field The script is as follows: Set Field by Name [Get (ActiveFieldTableName)& ::" & get (ActiveFieldName);Abs (Get (ActiveFieldName)& "::" & get (ActiveFieldName)-1)] This way if the field is empty it will be set to 1 and if it isn't it will be set to zero. So far, when I click into the field it correctly sets it to 1 and displays the tick but it remains at 1 and won't zero which I don't understand. Can anyone see the flaw? Joseph
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