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  1. The Etcetera Kid

    Filemaker Helps Run my Live Music Show

    Hi everyone, FMforums has been invaluable to me over the years, and I thought some of you might be interested in an online music show I do where I use Filemaker to help run the show. Here's a link (EtcKid.com) to a video that explains the show, but in short, it's a highly interactive live music show on Twitch.tv where the online audience can request basic musical elements, and then using those requests I improvise original music on the spot using a variety of different instruments. Imagine a cross between Iron Chef, Bob Ross, and Whose Line Is It Anyway, but for music. It's a one-person operation, and I use Filemaker Server to manage 3 local computers running Filemaker as well as connect to Twitch's chat API using Filemaker's PHP API. Among other things, Filemaker processes all the commands viewers run in chat, loads requested sounds into my music program, turns people's usernames into melodies, and dynamically generates our bot's chat messages as well as HTML and Javascript for screens I use during the show. If you drop by, I recommend running the !drumloop command and !melody command in chat to have your username turned into a rhythm pattern or melody on a song. The show is live Mon, Wed, Fri 8-11pm ET. EtcKid.com If you have any questions about the show or how I use Filemaker, let me know!

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