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  1. Hi Junior, That is FANTASTIC that you will be creating documentation for the data separation model - it's something that is desperately needed Do you have any idea of when that might be up?
  2. Hi Lee, I have completed my profile now
  3. Hey guys, I am needing a bit of guidance on the correct workflow with the following setup. FMPHost.com (hosted): - DATA File - UI File Desktop (local): - DATA File (relative to local UI file) - UI File When adding new fields or tables to the solution, this is my assumption with regards to workflow: 1) Modify the hosted DATA file 2) Add new sync layout to hosted UI file then re-run Mirrorsync Setup to point to new sync tables 3) Download hosted files (UI and DATA) 4) Replace local UI file with hosted UI file 5) Replace local DATA file with empty clone of hosted DATA file 6) Run Mirrorsync and wait for it to re-download all the records again Is this the correct way to do it? Do I need to wait for the entire batch of records to download each time I make a change (ie, add a new field)? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, How does Mirrorsync actually work? Does it use the creation timestamp to find and sync the same records? I have a problem where after a sync last night, I'm left with about 146 duplicates of each record. Quite a few of my records don't have creation field data as this field was only created after I already had many records in the database. Needing to rectify this quite urgently, so any help or input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for the help so far. I'm getting there slowly, but I'm still a bit confused. This is my set up: 1) App_DATA hosted on server 2) App_UI hosted on server 3) App_UI points to App_DATA via TO's I set up MirrorSync, then download the file via "Multiple Files" option. But this is the part where I get stuck. All my TO's in the UI file point to the DATA file on the server. If I am offline, then it brings up the "Can't find database" error when opening the UI file. How exactly should this be structured?
  6. Unfortunately my hosting package only allows for one database. Will I need to then upgrade the hosting package just for setup, then downgrade again?
  7. Hi guys, I am trying to set up MirrorSync with a Data Separation Model setup and need a spot of help. I have the DATA file hosted on FMPHost.com, and a local copy of the UI. The documentation states that I must set up MirrorSync in the UI file, then copy that across to the DATA file. However, the setup window only gives me the option to select the DATA file. I'm a bit stuck now, could anyone shed some light on how to proceed? Thanks in advance!
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