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    IIS 8.5 reverse proxy to FMPS 16

    After a lot of research and experimentation, i have a solution that works with reverse proxy and FMS 16. This solution worked in my circumstances and thought of sharing it for the benefit of others and is not a fix. I have not raised this issue with FM Inc Support. So, this is how it worked for me. Install FM Server and web on a single server (mine originally was a multi-machine deployment) to support web direct Reverse proxy to point to the port 80 of the machine Do not have SSL certificate installed on the machine as this can cause "multiple" redirects problem on browser and your App would never load
  2. Phani

    IIS 8.5 reverse proxy to FMPS 16

    Did you manage to find a fix for this problem? I had the same database serviced to external world via f5 reverse proxy. After the upgrade to FileMaker 16 server, the reverse proxy works till the root of IIS 8.5. But once the url has "/fmi/webd/..." the URL rewrite is coming into picture overwriting the reverse proxy name with the web server address. I have the same requirement to have a public facing (branded) URL servicing through a back end web server within the network.

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