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  1. Hi, We are setting up server to server syncing on two servers using mirror sync. where can I read how this is done. what needs to be installed where and what is the setup procedure. Thanks for you help. Mikael.
  2. Hi, We are setting up a server to server sync with mirror sync. can i use Mirror sync 3.17 with two filemaker 16 servers? it has the same the database files. Thanks for you help Mikael.
  3. Hi, we are setting up a server to server mirror sync. Today we do not really use Primary keys. We use keys but they are not guaranteed unique. I used a calculated field with UUID to get a Primary key. But since I used a calculation i cannot really check the boxes "Prohibit modification of value during data entry" or "Unique value". Is there any problem doing it this way? "If you are using UUID primary keys, be sure to UNCHECK the field options checkboxes that say 'Do not replace existing value of field' and 'Prohibit modification of value during data entry'. Enable the 'Unique value' validation option." Thanks Mikael
  4. Mikael B

    Referencing the other files

    OK, Thank you.
  5. What does this mean? "If you have a multi-file solution (ie. separation model or migrated from older FileMaker version), make sure that there is a single main file with external table occurrences referencing the other files. If you are using a separation model, this should be the data file. When you distribute offline files to your users, you will distribute the entire set of files, which will include the main sync file." Does this mean i should set up all the databases under external data sources in one of the databases? or am I misunderstanding it. Tanks for you help.

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