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  1. Follow-up question, please: Say, in the child table, there's a Description (text) field. While Max (ChildTableA::Datefield) will grab the latest date (from Table A), how would you grab the contents from the latest date's accompanying Description field as well?
  2. Greets, all: I'm confused: If you go to FileMaker's page concerning screen stencils (https://support.filemaker.com/s/article/Using-Screen-Stencils-to-design-iOS-friendly-layouts-using-FileMaker-Go-14-or-higher-1503693076890?language=en_US), it lists the Width x Heigh resolution settings for the iPad 10.5" (2018) as follows: Orientation Width Height (UI shown) Height (UI Hidden) Portrait 834 1004 1092 44 44 Landscape 1112
  3. I do, but I still don't get how individual records are created since there's no part of the script--that I can tell--that creates individual records in Interface. That, and I can't see how the RecordNo field (in the Interface table) becomes populated with a record number(?) *heavy sigh* Time for more coffee.
  4. Greets, all: I downloaded this instructional file (https://www.seedcode.com/virtual-list/) to learn about virtual lists and I'm stuck trying to understand how part of it works, so maybe the wizened among you can explain it to simpleton moi; I'm in the corner wearing the pointed hat. After the Contacts script runs, the Interface Records layout is populated with records from $$VarContent, but I can't figure out how that layout gets populated with individual records from $$VarContent; the data within that global variable is return delimited, so how does it from that to individual record
  5. Thanks--I'll take a look at Edoshin's Fast Summaries. Yeah, I originally thought about using a looping script but I got hung up trying to create the comma-separated field of RecordIDs; it just occurred to me that I can re-use/overwrite a dedicated/new text field with each loop of the script, adding ", " & RecordID to the calc. Cheers, Rich
  6. Sorry, I should've included it earlier: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25042819/whats-the-sql-equivalent-of-a-filemaker-subsummary I used the second example; I excluded ROLLUP since I don't think it's supported in FSQL.
  7. Greets, all: I know FSQL isn't for creating documents, but tables, but this should be do-able: I have a single table (OJI) where I'm only concerned with two out of its many fields, Injury_Root_Cause and zz_RecordID. What I want to do is sub-summarize by Injury_Root_Cause and list each's respective (unique) zz_RecordID's under each heading--sorted in ascending order--horizontally listed and each zz_RecordID separated by a comma. So far, I have some of the calculation working: ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT zz_RecordID FROM OJI WHERE Injury_Root_Cause = 'Carelessness' ORDER
  8. Yes, that's later on, but how do I intitiate the auto-run of the script? Does Perform on Server automatically track the date/time while the file is sitting idle on FM Server?
  9. Greets, all: A simple question yet I can't seem to find a definitive answer: I want to have a script automatically run (in a hosted file on FM Server 18) on the last day of every semester that will create a report (which will be further scripted to be sent by e-mail to multiple users). What do I need to code/set up so the script will run autonomously? TIA for your replies!
  10. Greets, all: I'm sure this has been asked but after searching through 168 pages of this forum, I couldn't find an answer so it's on me that if this is a repeat question. Sorry. This involves FileMaker Pro v12 client and server on another company's machine in another location; I'm using a VPN to help out. I want to code a script to import a file from the user's desktop (in a folder named StuAdd; the filename is Full_Download.xlsx) but I don't know how to code the syntax for importing from either a Mac or PC to the file on the server. So far, I have: Case ( Abs ( Get ( S
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! Cheers, Rich
  12. (I apologize if this isn't the correct forum for this, so feel free to move it to the proper one, please.) I'm stuck. I built a solution with a parent-child portal setup, the user can see the four, court reservations for the day (Current Setup attachment). However, she'd like to be able to see a "big picture" view as depicted in the Capture 5 attachment. I figure a popover or a jump to another layout is in order, but beyond that I don't know how to pull this off schema-wise, especially when it comes to filling out a range of time slots shown in Capture 5, e.g., Court 1 would have the
  13. Greets, all: I'm using this calculation--in a parent table in a field temporarily named 'Temp'--to grab course numbers from the course_number field in a related/child table: UniqueValues ( List ( ASSIGNMENT_COURSE::Course_Number__lxt ) ) (I'm using this calc because the child table contains multiple records with the same course number; it's not a key field.) My intent is to use six buttons--in the parent table--where each button would grab an assigned row's value using the calculation above. For example, say that the above calc has this result: AST-100 EDU-100
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