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  1. Greets, all: I'm sure this has been asked but after searching through 168 pages of this forum, I couldn't find an answer so it's on me that if this is a repeat question. Sorry. This involves FileMaker Pro v12 client and server on another company's machine in another location; I'm using a VPN to help out. I want to code a script to import a file from the user's desktop (in a folder named StuAdd; the filename is Full_Download.xlsx) but I don't know how to code the syntax for importing from either a Mac or PC to the file on the server. So far, I have: Case ( Abs ( Get ( SystemPlatform ) ) = 1 ; "filemac:" ; "filewin:" ) & Get ( DesktopPath ) & ...and that's as far as I got. I tried ...(Get (DesktopPath) & /StuAdd/Full_Download.xlsx, but that didn't work, so I need help with the syntax. One question off the top of my head is, with FMP v12.x being so dated, does it even recognize .xlsx as an extension? Cheers, Rich
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! Cheers, Rich
  3. (I apologize if this isn't the correct forum for this, so feel free to move it to the proper one, please.) I'm stuck. I built a solution with a parent-child portal setup, the user can see the four, court reservations for the day (Current Setup attachment). However, she'd like to be able to see a "big picture" view as depicted in the Capture 5 attachment. I figure a popover or a jump to another layout is in order, but beyond that I don't know how to pull this off schema-wise, especially when it comes to filling out a range of time slots shown in Capture 5, e.g., Court 1 would have the time slots 8:00 and 8:30 populated with Practice (Emilio Lizard), blank spaces from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, then from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm each half-hour time slot would have Practice (Emilio Lizardo)...and the rest of the time slots after 1:00 pm would be blank because there aren't any reservations for that court number. I thought of using four, repeating fields (one for each court) of 32 "slots" each that would span the 32 half-hour time slots from 6:00 am to 9:30 pm, but dealing with repeating fields with scripting to loop through each reservation to populate the appropriate slots...that's so ancient FileMaker Pro and it would be convoluted as all get out. (Note: since we're still using v.17, I can't get creative using the new scripting commands in v.18) If I could have some direction which way to go, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  4. Greets, all: I'm using this calculation--in a parent table in a field temporarily named 'Temp'--to grab course numbers from the course_number field in a related/child table: UniqueValues ( List ( ASSIGNMENT_COURSE::Course_Number__lxt ) ) (I'm using this calc because the child table contains multiple records with the same course number; it's not a key field.) My intent is to use six buttons--in the parent table--where each button would grab an assigned row's value using the calculation above. For example, say that the above calc has this result: AST-100 EDU-100 EDU-300 PHY-100 SOC-100 TMA-001 I want Button 1 to grab AST-100; Button 2 to grab EDU-100; Button 3 to grab EDU-300, etc. Mind you, I can't make a value list out of Temp because it can't be indexed. TIA for your help!
  5. That's a fair question, Darren, and also a sore point for developers who sell runtimes as a home/cottage business. Because that function will soon be deprecated, that will force some of us to give up that means of livelihood because we can't, in good conscience, sell a product that can no longer be supported long-term; that, too, is the subject of its own thread.
  6. Thanks for all the good info, guys. *blush* The typo with RESERVATON--good catch! Maybe it's time I update my trifocal prescription. (Getting old sucks!) I like the related matching global field suggestion--it's simple to be sure. (Thanks for reminding me about using SQL in scripts and not hard-coded in fields--I know the latter slows things down a lot.) Here's my logic for not using a Find--it would take fewer resources to "peek around the corner" to "see" a record/value than to go through the gyrations of finding, parsing, restoring, etc. Then again, I may be fooling myself since it's a small database with maybe 500 records at most (with only a handful of data fields), so I may be projecting a non-existant performance hit.
  7. I don't know--I get the dreaded question mark as a result. I suppose I could just perform a Find; part of this is hoping to learn e-SQL skills but I'm beginning to think that it may be beyond my ability.* (I tend to make things waaaay more complicated than they need to be. ...and thanks for the FM website update.) *"Check this out, Dad--I aced the I.Q. test by scoring a 100!"
  8. Howdy, all: Once again, I know I'm close but the syntax is getting the better of me. My goal is to use a global variable ($$_ProposedDate) to test against a date field (Date__lxd) in the same table (RESERVATION_PARENT) to see if a date has already been used. Here's what I have so far: Let ( TheDate = $$_ProposedDate ; ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT COUNT ( * ) FROM RESERVATON_PARENT WHERE Date__lxd = ? " ; "" ; "" ; TheDate ) ) If the count > 0, then I know the date has been used. Obviously, I'm missing something, but what? Along this calculation, I could swear there's a native FileMaker Pro way of doing the same thing--I hazily remember that by making the date field into a value list, one could "beat" a value against it to see if it's there or not but for the life of me, I can't remember how to do that. (Using ValueCount, maybe?) Anyway, it's good thing I have a bottle of Tylenol handy. TIA for your help! (On a completely different note--what's going on with FileMaker's site? None of the links online to the Community section work anymore.)
  9. Thanks, but no go: When I place the cursor in the empty field (inside the Popover Button Setup windoid) then choose Insert Merge Variable (in the Insert menu), a new object is created on the layout. Manually typing in <<$$YourVariable>> just uses the same text as button text. Rats. I know about the title bar, but that appears once a user is "inside" the popover; I'd like to change the name of the popover button proper before a user clicks/touches it. I suppose I could stack one popover over another but the contents of both would be nearly identical so I'd like to keep it single-layer to enhance simplicity. I could also make a bigger button but it would look clunky on the UI and I don't have much room to play with since the solution will be used on an iPad.
  10. I may be chasing rainbows, but is it possible to change the label/name inside a popover button using a variable (local or global)? I tried and failed, and was just wondering whether it's ignorance on my part of an available technique or it's just the way they are, i.e., statically assigned. Thanks! Rich
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. Very strange: I moved it out of the portal, went back into Browse mode, enabled Layout Mode, moved the popover back to where it was before--no dice. Closed the file, reopened it, still no dice. I created a new popover, placed it in the portal, and it works, so there must be something amiss with the original popover...what, I don't know. : P
  12. Greets, all: I have a popover in a filtered portal (same child table but filtered on Court Number) where, when clicked, appears so a user can edit that child record's info. The problem is, the popover button only appears in the first portal row; I looked in FileMaker Pro's Help entry online but it doesn't make mention of this. Am I missing something or this is normal behavior? If it is normal, is there a quick-'n'-dirty workaround? TIA for your help, Rich
  13. Sorry for not getting back earlier on this--too many projects at work going on. : S Thanks for the input, guys. I stripped the coding further as Fitch suggested so I ended up with this (which works): Let ( customerID = AccountNumber__lxt ; ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT SUM ( b.\"Total__lcn\" ) FROM \"ACTIVITY_PARENT\" b WHERE b.\"AccountNumber__lxt\" = ? " ; "" ; "" ; customerID ) ) ...and I suppose I could remove the Let statement, too, since it's down to one value, now...though...now my question is: I created a similar calc for Total_Paid__lcn; I want to create a Balance Due amount. I suppose I could create yet another calc field that'll subtract Total_Paid - Total = Balance Due, but having three, separate, calculations is a little klunky; I imagine there's a more elegant way of coding this where all this takes place in one calculation, just that I'm starting out with SQL and haven't quite figured out its syntax, yet.
  14. Greets, all: I'm trying to present the total of all the unpaid invoices in a report that's generated in a join table (ACTIVITY_PtoC_JOIN) with ACTIVITY_PARENT joined with ACTIVITY_CHILD. I stripped down the SQL calc that's used in FileMaker Pro's native Inventory database (that's created when you choose, "Create New"). The fields I'm using for the SQL calc are Total__lcn (which captures the total of an invoice in ACTIVITY_PARENT), Paymount_Amount__lxn (used to capture how much was paid on the invoice (if anything), and of course the account number (AccountNumber__lxt); they're all in ACTIVITY_PARENT. Let ( [ customerID = AccountNumber__lxt ; decimal = Left ( Evaluate ( 1/2 ) ; 1 ) ; SQL = ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT SUM ( b.Total__lcn ) FROM ACTIVITY_PARENT AS b WHERE b.customerID = ? AND IsEmpty ( b.Payment_Amount__lxn ) " ; "" ; "" ; customerID ) ] ; If ( SQL ; Substitute ( SQL; "." ; decimal ) ; 0 ) ) I'm getting the dreaded question mark for the result, so although FMP is accepting the syntax the calculation, iteself, isn't working. As an aside, what's curious is that in the FMP 16 SQL Reference guide, when assigning an alias for a table name, one should use the verb, AS, but in the FMP Inventory file, AS isn't used in their calc (and it works), so I don't know what's going on there. As always, thanks in advance for your replies! Ciao, Rich
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