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  1. You're making the assumption that my wife has a logical mind. : D (I'm not being mean or insulting, she just doesn't.) Some of the ingredients are listed twice. I asked her about that: "That's because I use them two differnt times." "Why don't I go ahead and group the ingredients together for whatever you're making at the time, then?" *"The Wifoid" throws her hand out at me.* "Ai-yaaah." ...and that's what I live with. Love her to pieces, though. You noticed, too, that some of recipes are in Chinese (she's Chinese), so I have no idea how that's sorted.
  2. Good info, but that port is already open on the server. (Rats, it would've been a simple solution to the problem.) Just as an A/B test, I uploaded the Interactivate.fmp12 file, itself, to the server and as-is, the problem's the same: .pdfs "hang", but the other interactive files--.mp3 and .mp4--appear fine. To quote a famous philosopher, Chester A. Riley, "What a revoltin' development this is!"
  3. Thanks for the link! I tried implementing the setup into my solution but I must be missing something since I see this (the attached)--it appears to be trying to load the .pdf but isn't successful; when I click the button to "Interactivate", I get the Replace windoid ("Records remaining to update") as it crunches through nearly 4,000 records, but to no avail. Is there an issue when the container's contents are stored externally, perhaps?
  4. Thanks--I was just hoping that something, plug-in or otherwise, would work, but I guess I'm asking for the Moon. : S
  5. (I posted this in another area of this site but received no responses so I'm wondering if SuperContainer can do this?) I can't seem to find a definitive answer as to how to view .pdfs stored in container fields (on our PC server, stored externally, open storage) and via WebDirect. I have the Data Formatting command set to Interactive Content and have Adobe Acrobat Pro (and Reader) on my client machine (Mac), but that's as far as I've gotten; database is stored on our FMPS v17.x server (Windows). Cheers, Rich
  6. Greets, all: I can't seem to find a definitive answer as to how to view .pdfs stored in container fields (on our PC server, stored externally, open storage) and via WebDirect. I have the Data Formatting command set to Interactive Content and have Adobe Acrobat Pro (and Reader) on my client machine (Mac), but that's as far as I've gotten; database is stored on our FMPS v17.x server (Windows). TIA for your help!
  7. *blush* I had already defined the new Summary field but forgot to connect to it. Works like a charm--MANY thanks!
  8. Rats, still getting a "1" for a count. I included a screenshot for your review of Count__lcn and Name_LF__lxs. Here's the calc, as entered, in the Count__lcn field: ValueCount ( UniqueValues ( GetSummary ( Name_LF__lxs ; TestCode__lxn ) ) )
  9. (I know this has been covered multiple times here but after after performing multiple searches I can't find the answer, so my apologies for subject repetition.) Happy holiday season, all. This is pretty basic but I'm blowing it calculation-wise: I have a report that has two, summarized sections, the first by Test Code (TestCode__lxn, a number field) and the second by name (Name_LF__lct, a calculated concatenation of the Name_First__lxt and Name_Last__lxt text fields.) What I want is a (distinct) count of students per test code (FieldName: Count) in the summarized Test Code section. I first tried Name_LF__lxs--a summary field set to count Name_LF__lct--but with it parked in the Test Code summary section I get a count, but not a distinct one, i.e., it shows 40 instead of 37 because it's counting multiple, same-named Name__LF__lct records (3 of them). Next, I tried GetSummary ( Name_LF__lxs ; Name_LF__lct ), but it shows only a count of 1. ...then I tried making a value list out of Name_LF__lct and used the calculation, ValueCount ( UniqueValues ( Name_LF__lct ) ) ...with indexing turned on since it's a calculated field. No good--still shows a count of 1. I'm sure I could whip up an E-SQL calc but I'd prefer to keep to native FMP commands. I'm sure the answer's simple...too simple for this overcomplicated brain to handle. TIA for your help!
  10. * heavy sigh * This is one of those instances where you chase your tail and end up with a major "D'oh!" I've attached the script steps that I've been using and it suddenly dawned on me that even with the PC version of FMP running in the PC environment of the emulator, the Get (SystemPlatform) command still pulls the "root" operating system of the computer--which in my case is OS-X (Mojave)--so with the script steps, as coded, the first part of the IF statement will drive the result of it; when I nulled all but the PC's Send Event command, it worked. Thank you all for your patience and help, and my apologies for taking up your time from my ignorance.
  11. It's pretty straightforward: /C:/Users/WF7A/Desktop/
  12. Hi, Siroos: I tried that (enabling Create Directories) but ran into the problem of setting the path, even with the basic Get (DesktopPath)--I get an error message (See attached.) Even if I can get it to work, I don't see how it will create a folder on the desktop but that could be because I'm being extraordrinarily dense...which is more dense than usual. : )
  13. Greets, and a happy, holiday season to all. This is one of those "Well, I could swear it _used_ to work..." FMP (PC) problems: I want a script to create a custom-named folder on the desktop (PC) [for exporting data purposes] so I used the following (see attached) Send Event command: "cmd /c md " & Quote ( Right ( Get ( DesktopPath ) ; Length ( Get ( DesktopPath ) ) -1 ) & "Job Chop-Chop! Backup" ) ...in earlier versions of FMP--and if memory serves--it used to work. (See https://fmrift.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/creating-a-folder-from-filemaker-windows/ ). However, when I try to run the script in FMP v17.x the script fails with the following error message in the Script Debugger, "[3] Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system or mode)". So, I'm trying to figure out why the command's failing--could it possibly be it's because I'm using FMP (PC) in VMWare's Fusion PC emulator (v10.1.4, running in OS Mojave) instead of on a "real" PC? Any ideas for a tweak/fix? Cheers, Rich
  14. Thanks, as always, for your reply. I apologize for my poor explanation skills. To put it succinctly, I want to avoid using dozens of test-for-IsEmpty-and summary fields (per table, and there are fourteen tables), just to give a go-/no-go flags for reports to print. You're right in that e-SQL's out since it would be problemetic dealing with found sets. I just finished making a looping script but there's a big performance hit when it comes to thousands of records to plow through. However, it just occurred to me while writing this post that a "simple" solution would be an extension of what I posted earlier, to have just two fields per table: one that would be a calculation field with a litany of Case statements to test for each report's minimum field requirement, and the other a summary field of the calculated field. I could then use a very simple script to act as a switchboard to select which report to run based on a global field that has a drop-down menu of report titles; the aforementioned calculation field's result will be based on what's in the global field. Time to get coding!
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