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  1. Follow-up question, please: Say, in the child table, there's a Description (text) field. While Max (ChildTableA::Datefield) will grab the latest date (from Table A), how would you grab the contents from the latest date's accompanying Description field as well?
  2. Greets, all: I'm confused: If you go to FileMaker's page concerning screen stencils (https://support.filemaker.com/s/article/Using-Screen-Stencils-to-design-iOS-friendly-layouts-using-FileMaker-Go-14-or-higher-1503693076890?language=en_US), it lists the Width x Heigh resolution settings for the iPad 10.5" (2018) as follows: Orientation Width Height (UI shown) Height (UI Hidden) Portrait 834 1004 1092 44 44 Landscape 1112 726 814 44 44 The thing is, the layout's right-hand border in the FM Go solution I'm building (using landscape only) is about a centimeter shy of the right side of the screen using the recommended 1112 width; however, it fills up nicely at 1200, so what am I missing between what FileMaker says is the recommended width and the width I'm trying? Also, I noticed that glyphs aren't showing up in date fields where you enable the calendar icon (at least in the desktop version.) Cheers, Rich
  3. I do, but I still don't get how individual records are created since there's no part of the script--that I can tell--that creates individual records in Interface. That, and I can't see how the RecordNo field (in the Interface table) becomes populated with a record number(?) *heavy sigh* Time for more coffee.
  4. Greets, all: I downloaded this instructional file (https://www.seedcode.com/virtual-list/) to learn about virtual lists and I'm stuck trying to understand how part of it works, so maybe the wizened among you can explain it to simpleton moi; I'm in the corner wearing the pointed hat. After the Contacts script runs, the Interface Records layout is populated with records from $$VarContent, but I can't figure out how that layout gets populated with individual records from $$VarContent; the data within that global variable is return delimited, so how does it from that to individual records? VirtualList.fmp12
  5. Thanks--I'll take a look at Edoshin's Fast Summaries. Yeah, I originally thought about using a looping script but I got hung up trying to create the comma-separated field of RecordIDs; it just occurred to me that I can re-use/overwrite a dedicated/new text field with each loop of the script, adding ", " & RecordID to the calc. Cheers, Rich
  6. Sorry, I should've included it earlier: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25042819/whats-the-sql-equivalent-of-a-filemaker-subsummary I used the second example; I excluded ROLLUP since I don't think it's supported in FSQL.
  7. Greets, all: I know FSQL isn't for creating documents, but tables, but this should be do-able: I have a single table (OJI) where I'm only concerned with two out of its many fields, Injury_Root_Cause and zz_RecordID. What I want to do is sub-summarize by Injury_Root_Cause and list each's respective (unique) zz_RecordID's under each heading--sorted in ascending order--horizontally listed and each zz_RecordID separated by a comma. So far, I have some of the calculation working: ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT zz_RecordID FROM OJI WHERE Injury_Root_Cause = 'Carelessness' ORDER BY zz_RecordID " ; "" ; ", " ) That works great for listing the zz_RecordIDs for one value, Carelessness, but it doesn't list the Injury_Root_Cause's value. I stumbled on one possible way of doing this by gutting an example on the 'net, but I got lost in the syntax so it doesn't work: ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT * FROM ( SELECT Injury_Root_Cause,zz_RecordID FROM OJI GROUP BY Injury_Root_Cause,zz_RecordID ) ORDER BY Injury_Root_Cause,zz_RecordID " ; "" ; ", " ) Soooooo, if you see where I need to tweak the calculation I'd greatly appreciate it. Cheers!
  8. Yes, that's later on, but how do I intitiate the auto-run of the script? Does Perform on Server automatically track the date/time while the file is sitting idle on FM Server?
  9. Greets, all: A simple question yet I can't seem to find a definitive answer: I want to have a script automatically run (in a hosted file on FM Server 18) on the last day of every semester that will create a report (which will be further scripted to be sent by e-mail to multiple users). What do I need to code/set up so the script will run autonomously? TIA for your replies!
  10. Greets, all: I'm sure this has been asked but after searching through 168 pages of this forum, I couldn't find an answer so it's on me that if this is a repeat question. Sorry. This involves FileMaker Pro v12 client and server on another company's machine in another location; I'm using a VPN to help out. I want to code a script to import a file from the user's desktop (in a folder named StuAdd; the filename is Full_Download.xlsx) but I don't know how to code the syntax for importing from either a Mac or PC to the file on the server. So far, I have: Case ( Abs ( Get ( SystemPlatform ) ) = 1 ; "filemac:" ; "filewin:" ) & Get ( DesktopPath ) & ...and that's as far as I got. I tried ...(Get (DesktopPath) & /StuAdd/Full_Download.xlsx, but that didn't work, so I need help with the syntax. One question off the top of my head is, with FMP v12.x being so dated, does it even recognize .xlsx as an extension? Cheers, Rich
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! Cheers, Rich
  12. (I apologize if this isn't the correct forum for this, so feel free to move it to the proper one, please.) I'm stuck. I built a solution with a parent-child portal setup, the user can see the four, court reservations for the day (Current Setup attachment). However, she'd like to be able to see a "big picture" view as depicted in the Capture 5 attachment. I figure a popover or a jump to another layout is in order, but beyond that I don't know how to pull this off schema-wise, especially when it comes to filling out a range of time slots shown in Capture 5, e.g., Court 1 would have the time slots 8:00 and 8:30 populated with Practice (Emilio Lizard), blank spaces from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, then from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm each half-hour time slot would have Practice (Emilio Lizardo)...and the rest of the time slots after 1:00 pm would be blank because there aren't any reservations for that court number. I thought of using four, repeating fields (one for each court) of 32 "slots" each that would span the 32 half-hour time slots from 6:00 am to 9:30 pm, but dealing with repeating fields with scripting to loop through each reservation to populate the appropriate slots...that's so ancient FileMaker Pro and it would be convoluted as all get out. (Note: since we're still using v.17, I can't get creative using the new scripting commands in v.18) If I could have some direction which way to go, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  13. Greets, all: I'm using this calculation--in a parent table in a field temporarily named 'Temp'--to grab course numbers from the course_number field in a related/child table: UniqueValues ( List ( ASSIGNMENT_COURSE::Course_Number__lxt ) ) (I'm using this calc because the child table contains multiple records with the same course number; it's not a key field.) My intent is to use six buttons--in the parent table--where each button would grab an assigned row's value using the calculation above. For example, say that the above calc has this result: AST-100 EDU-100 EDU-300 PHY-100 SOC-100 TMA-001 I want Button 1 to grab AST-100; Button 2 to grab EDU-100; Button 3 to grab EDU-300, etc. Mind you, I can't make a value list out of Temp because it can't be indexed. TIA for your help!
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