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  1. Ah! Brilliant! Thank you!! I'd like to send you a coffee card as a thanks for all your help--can I send it via your website link in your signature line? (Hopefully, I can snag a Timmys for you.)
  2. Looks great but we're not quite there, yet. I don't know how the dates I entered disappeared but they did somehow. Anyway, if a student takes the same test (code) more than once, the first time (date) the student takes it should have a First Attempt of 1/Yes; thereafter, 0/No. So, say for Record 1 (_p_ParentID) a student took test 5001 on 05-15-1999 and again on 01-20-2000, in First Attempt the 05-15-1999 date should be 1/Yes and the 01-20-2000 should be 0/No.
  3. It was easier to make a quick-'n'-dirty one so I've attached it. First Attempt.fmp12
  4. They are. It's a messy file so I'll create a clone and will tidy things up a little make it easier for you before I upload them. Thanks for the fast reply!
  5. Thanks, Siroos--I did what you suggested but ran into a snag--my fault for not adding this earlier. Because these calcs are done in the child table, the count for the number of times a code is used includes all the records with that Code instead of a specific student so I'm getting a count of 285 instead of say, 2, for Code 5005. To try to filter the count, I added the StudentID, in addition to the Code in the new TO (with an = sign, like Code), but that results in no records being seen, so that wasn't it. I'll keep trying with different permutations unless you, or someone else, chimes in with a suggestion; if I figure it out, first, I'll post the info here.
  6. G'morning, all: Please refer to the attachment. What I'd like to do is have the 1st Attempt (text) field auto-calculate whether a record's (Test) Code has been recorded with an earlier date; "No" if it has (e.g., there's an existing record for Code 5004 taken on Test Date 01-20-2017 so the record with it being taken on 01-08-2018 will have its 1st Attempt field set to "No"); "Yes" if it's the first time it's taken (e.g., Code 5002...and subsequent dates with Code 5002 would be set as "No".) I know I could script this by sorting by Test Date then Code, then comparing the existing record with a previous one...which would then set the 1st Attempt to the appropriate Yes or No, but I'm curious whether I could set this up as a calculation within the child table...just that I don't know how to go about doing that. Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. TeacherEd

    Non-alphanumeric name field syntax

    Thanks! (For anybody copying and pasting Ocean West's formula and finding that it doesn't work, it's because the third k_StudentID fieldname is missing its leading underscore character; _k_StudentID works.)
  8. I read the FM v16 SQL Reference (Page 9) but I don't think it gave me the whole skinny on using non-alphanumeric field names so I'm stuck. Using this formula works: ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT COUNT ( k_StudentID ) FROM EXPERIENCE WHERE k_StudentID = ? " ; "" ; "" ; k_StudentID ) ...but the real name of the field is _k_StudentID, so the leading underscore character is the troublemaker. In the Guide it says to use double-quote marks but FileMaker Pro squawks with an error message when I use them so I'm missing something. What's the correct syntax to make this formula work? Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. TeacherEd

    Validating field contents in a portal

    (I'm sure this has been covered before but nothing came up in my search criteria) I have a Year (number) field in a portal where I want to force the entry/recording of four-digit years but no matter what validation criteria I set for in the field definition, it won't fault to produce a validation error message if a non-four-digit number is entered, even with a script trigger using a Commit Record script step. What am I missing to get the validation to work? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. I feel a little foolish asking for help for this simple operation but for the life of me I can't figure out why I can't get a file/script to "hand-off" to another file on the server in WebDirect; internally, the hand-off is smooth and works so there's some thing I'm missing in the scripting or settings. Order of operations: User logs into the "switchboard" file online. (Works fine) User clicks button to leave switchboard file for Assessment file using the Open File script command. (Nothing happens) Like I said, "inside" FileMakerPro when I click the button I'm handed off to Assessment, no problem. I have the checkbox ticked in the Privilege set ("Access via FileMaker WebDirect") in the Switboard and Assessment files, so any ideas where to poke around to see what I'm missing, or what script steps should I use to go to the Assessment file (and closing the Switchboard file)? Open File doesn't work in WebDirect, so....? TIA for your help!
  11. Greets, all: I want to script the creation of a folder--named Job Chop-Chop! Export--on the desktop (PC) and found this Web page with instructions ( https://fmrift.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/creating-a-folder-from-filemaker-windows/ ) but being a Apple person I'm admittedly hazy on Window filepaths and can't get the script command to work (see attached). "cmd /c md " & Quote ( Right ( Get ( DesktopPath ) ; Length ( Get ( DesktopPath ) ) -1 ) & "Job Chop-Chop! Export" ) I guarantee it's something as simple, I'm just not seeing it. Thanks in advance for your help! Strangely enough, re-entering the command caused the Send Event command to re-define itself so now it works: Send Event ["aevt"; "odoc"; ... I'm curious how the event changed--any explanation(s)?
  12. Great stuff! Thank you all for your help!
  13. I'm looking for a calculation to use as a flag for any letters/characters that aren't approved for use in a spefic field; the approved characters are: dMmy/.- ...and those characters can appear in any order and in any number...so that negates using PatternCount unless I make a multi-line case statement using PatternCount for each approved character, but that sounds klunky. I also tried using Filter as part of an equation but I couldn't get it to work. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Thanks again, Lee. I'm going to bow out for now because I need to get up to speed to express myself intelligently; I don't want to waste anybody's valuable time until I do. Cheers.
  15. Would the correct terminology be "in focus" or "active record"? ...but you're correct: the "selected" record isn't different from the current record.

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