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  1. Fixed. The reason for this issue was, the startup layout had only global fields and no records. I changed the startup layout and bingo. Regards, Kolbeinn.
  2. Now this issue seams to be an Java issue. Now I got an error only when I tried to report an error inside the Configuration tool. What java version is needed? Regards, Kolbeinn.
  3. Hello, Im having issue regarding configuring Mirror Sync. I had a working configuration and successfully was able to sync. Then I added SQL filtering to the setup and again I got correct response. Then again I wanted to add to my configuration other things but then I ran into a problem: Error while advancing to next page: java.lang.RuntimeException:java.sql.SQLException:Error -1:Unknown error. There is no way for me now to configure any more. I have removed my configuration without any luck and also I have installed Mirror Sync again. Nothing works. Any advice? Are ther
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