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  1. it worked Thank you Lee Smith.
  2. Part of it works. what about when the balance is equal to the amount due should be green? Can you please post a screenshot of the formatting box? so i can see what you did.
  3. Am sorry i attached the wrong file. Property Database Copy.fmp12 i can't do anything with the file it gives me error "that i can't modify it". please a screen of the formatting box so i can try it.
  4. i couldn't see the conditional formatting every time i click i get this error . can you write what you did?
  5. Hi Lee, I just got internet. I attached my file Please tell me how to fix that problem because i tried both solutions did not work. Thanks a lot. Property Database Copy.fmp12
  6. i am using my phone i dont have internet in my house yet. ok here is what i did: i right click on the balance field click conditional formatting, click add, in the condition section value is less than amount_due fill color red another add value is equal to amount_due fill color green after i hit ok it fills the field with red wether it is less or equal.
  7. Hi, So i want balance field to be red when it is less that the amount_due and green when it is equal to amount_due. How do i do that? there is a simple calculation in the balance field. I tried conditional formatting both value and formula but didn't work. Thanks.
  8. Someone sent me the link where to post so i am giving it a try.
  9. I hope i get answers to my questions. I only have two questions: Is my database ERD correct? if i want to display info about the tenant living in certain property, his payments and services done for that same property, how do i do that? i used rent_records as joint table, tried portal and its only showing the startdate and enddate from the rentrecord table.
  10. Hi guys, I really need your help i have to finish this project asap. any help would be greatly appreciated. here is what i am trying to do: i want to display tenant info, payment records and services related to a particular property ( see tabs in the picture) how do i create this relationship ? and if you want to suggest add-on to my application interface to make it look better Please do, but nothing complicated
  11. Thank you so much LaRetta for your response. I am so glad i found this website. To answer your question Yes to all of them except the first, One Tenant can have one property listing. So what should i change? And i am not sure if i need Rent History table. Your help is greatly appreciated Oh i finished my profile
  12. New to FM. Please tell me if the relationships are correct? am i missing any table? missing any fields? Thanks a lot.
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