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  1. Is there a way to count the number of records in a portal (got that part figured out in a sum field) AND account for if a record has a specific field entry? I have a portal that displays games and sometimes the games are paired together in one record. I want to be able to count the paired games as 2, not 1. I'm thinking something like If ( Qty = 2 ; ( Get ( TotalRecordCount) * 2 ) ; 1 ), but currently what I get is ALL the records, times 2.
  2. Totally not sure if I've put this thread in the right topic category, as I'm not even sure how to go about this. First, I'd like to be very clear on the fact that, if possible, this will be done without scripting. I'm hoping for some kind of calculation. IDK. Anyway, I'm trying to copy or Calc one field from an older record to its newest match (using BatchNum field to match). The two fields are different fields (FormNum is the ID number field) (RefID is the the reference field for FormNum ). RefID would allow the user to find the last time the same arrangement of data (FormNum being its ID num
  3. NM. Got it to work with a solution discovered from this thread. https://community.filemaker.com/thread/65009#comment-84575
  4. I have a set of order forms, in which each order form has X amounts of orders from X amounts of clients. I can summarize with a Summary field the number of orders each client has ordered on one order form (weekly order form) and now I want to make a report that tells me the breakdown from week to week, and quarter to quarter. I can get the report to break apart the weeks by quarter, and it displays each week's correct total, but it won't do a total sum of each quarter, let alone for the entire database. I've tried summarizing the weekly summary field to get the quarterly amount, either in
  5. rwoods, I forgot to say thanks for the help, and as an update to this post I organized my styles better and tested, tested, tested as you'd say, on the one layout needed for WebDirect. I'm fairly satisfied in the results, thought the layout looks REALLY weird in Filemaker, LOL. Part of the end-result was directing the person to that layout ONLY if they're using a web browser by the "Get ( ArchitectureMode ) " function and getting the solution to go there if it said "Web Publishing Engine" and the version number. (Middle section is included if needed for anyone else who gets stumped b
  6. Is it possible that part of the problem is that I'm working from 15 Pro, but "broadcasting" from WebDirect 16?
  7. So I created a solution in Filemaker Pro and its appearance looks great.... until I open it in WebDirect on a web browser. Fields are cut off at the bottom, styles like Condense condense wrong, and rectangle boxes don't show at their full size. Also, the padding spacing on radio buttons is completely ignored. I've tried three different browsers: Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome, and all show the exact same results. The only way I am even remotely able to change the appearance for the WebDirect browser page is by scrubbing out all the style changes (mostly Condense) and that still only c
  8. Haha! SUCCESS! Thank you, both. Fran_g, that worked perfectly once I turned the "Do not replace existing value of field (if any)" on. Every time I created a record now, the field automatically populates with a day 7 days hence. Woot!
  9. Thanks for moving my question! I still haven't quite figured out how to 'label' my questions properly. My problem is that I want the "+7" stuff to calculate from the same field, but in a previous record, so that each record jumps ahead by seven days. I don't know how (or if it's even possible) to give it a start date in that same field in the first record, and then start calculating accordingly. Is this making sense? I really appreciate the help.
  10. So there's probably something simple, but do you guys know of a way to automate dates from one record to the next? Each record date needs to be seven days after the previous one, and I'd like for my client not to have to enter it manually. I tried doing Let ( Today = ( ReleaseDate ) ; Date ( Month ( Today ) ; Day ( Today ) + 7 ; Year ( Today ) ) ) and some others, but none appear to automatically fill in. Help!
  11. I have a set of tables that pull information into a separate table (Table A) , to populate it and prevent user data entry that is incorrect. What I'm trying to do with field A (Table A) is filter records (from Table B ) through field B (also Table A) and then choose from the remaining records by a range of two fields in Table B of a minimum number and a maximum number. If field C (the number field in Table A) is equal to or between the min and max, then a field from the same record in Table B fills in field A, Table A.
  12. Greatly! Got me to where I figured it out. I added a third relation between the two tables and added a auto-field which filtered the statuses automatically. Thanks!
  13. Hi, so I'm struggling with a solution for work. It requires being able to filter a set of records through two different specifications (the first being department [HR, engineering, shipping, etc] and the second is status [active, inactive, or unknown]). I want it so that WITHIN each department only the records with Active and Unknown are displayed on a value list for populating a related table. I know how to do it for one level, but not two.
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