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  1. I need a few simple scripts made, and do not have time to do them myself. Can you let me know your rate, and contact info?
  2. Lee, My apologies, I guess the most appropriate question is how do I save my file from Filemaker Server.
  3. I have, and almost worked it out. How do I send you my file?
  4. With anything, you should run the highest version capable. FileMaker 16 showcases the new OS on their page here: I haven't upgraded yet from 10.12 but I have no doubt it'll work fine.
  5. We already have a real solid foundation and it has been working well for us. We just don't have the ability to scan right now, which is what I am up to the task to add.
  6. After looking through everything, I just need someone to help me with a sample file (which is a lot to ask for! I know!) Basically, I will add a button to my layout that starts a script (HUGE THANK YOU to LaRetta) It'll do one thing. Insert from Device (QR Code) a numerical value that's unique to each record. Bring up that one, that's all. Once you tap the "Quantity" it'll bring up the script that LaRetta showed me how to make. But above that, is there any good developers/sites who could look into doing this.
  7. I do have a system set-up already I am trying to bend it to do what I want.
  8. You’re extremely close in what I need, but I’m not quite grasping how to implement. I need a warehouse man in my company he able to scan a bar code, and enter a number for how many he’s using and it will deduct it from the current number that’s in the field. i would love to have a history or trail of it, but I’m a bit unsure on how you mean.
  9. Thanks for the reminder again, Lee. All settled.
  10. After reading a whole bunch, and a huge thank you to these forums for all the resources! I figured out how to do exactly what I need. I need to create a script on a button, and with FileMaker go I can use "Get from Device" to scan from iOS. So now I need some help finding some more resources to make this last script I need! Here's how it should work: Thank you so much for the help!
  11. Thanks! I do know how to program and script for a variety of programs.. and thankfully making a real developer salary. That does make me feel better.
  12. I have to figure this one out myself because they hired me to do it for them. haha.
  13. Where can I read about how to get this to script properly?
  14. So I guess what I'd like is Button > Scan > Automatically Search for the text that is included in the barcode > and then they can change the quantity.
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