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  1. Thanks again for your reply, just restarted the server so I can acess the admin console fine, the web publishing engine and web server ip address aren't, also the web publishing engine is saying it is a worker machine when it isn't
  2. Thanks for your replies, I got the Mirrorsync process started again without a reboot so I can access the admin parts, only problem now is the IP address of the web server, it was before the power cut but I can't reboot the box as I can't close any files through the admin console (it's crashed) and also through command prompt, it says it the Ip is inaccessible or invalid, I know this now isn't Mirrorsync but if you know anything I could try that'd be great, thanks
  3. Can no longer connect to the mirrorsync page to download the MirrorSync3ConfigClient.jnlp file, when I try to run it on the server itself I get the following error 'Could not connect to 360works Tomcat Daemon: java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host:; Nested exception is: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect. I can no longer see the address anywhere on the admin console of Filemaker. If anyone can help that'd be great also if anymore information is needed please let me know here and I'll post what I can
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