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  1. Thank you so much for your help I'll give it a look! That's exactly that!! It will need to be added automatically to every player_stats of each player!
  2. Hi everyone good afternoon!! I’m dueling with FileMaker trying to make the following: I have 3 tables (this is for a game I’m developing): Player (id, name) PlayerStats (id, playerId, statId, value) Stats (id, name) The Player relates to PlayerStats with one to many. The Stats doesn’t relate to anything as I’m using it more like a list source for the “statId” field (or should I make a relation there?) my question is how can I make it so that when I add a new player record it automatically creates all the PlayerStats entries (on for each entry in the Stats table for that Player) and when deleting a record from Stats table all the PlayerStats that refer to that Stat get removed also. also I don’t know if this is the right forum to post this... but I don’t know where it should go... and I also don’t know if this was asked before as I don’t know what to search for in order to do this. :/ 😐
  3. xykudyax

    Don’t know how to approach this problem!

    EDIT: thank you very much!! This solved the problem!
  4. xykudyax

    Don’t know how to approach this problem!

    Yes of course and sorry for that lack of explanation! look at it like a video game database. I’m creating more of a dev tool. Actors are players, they have classes (jobs) like “mages”, “warriors”, “healer”... and both of them have specialities (traits). Actor named Alex has a trait that gives him 4% more attack, warrior is a class that gives 5% more defense... if Alex is a warrior he will have both 4% more attack and 5% more defense. That this only as an example, attack and defense are also properties (fields). another example Anne has a basic +10 attack trait. She is a “mage” this classes has a trait that “blocks her from using swords” and only allows “her from using rods”. That being said “Traits” are no more that a TraitCodeID that is interpreter by the engine and 3 values, that can be used to pass information. Trait class: TraiCodeID, Value1, Value2, Value3. PS: as a bonus question can I make it so I can use a portal where traits are added for each Actor and Class... and the trait field names displaying on screen vary depending on the TraitCodeID... for more readability? For example is TraitCodeID is “increase attack by percent”, value1 is “given percent” and value 2 and 3 are “not used”. NOTE: actors and classes are edited in their separated layouts, traits are added directly inside actors and classes as a portal. EDIT: I'm starting to think what I'm trying to accomplish is impossible
  5. Hi everyone I’m quite new to FileMaker and though I don’t think this is a FileMaker related problem I don’t know how I can accomplish this: i have three tables: Actors, Classes and Traits. each Actor has a Class (til this point everything is okay) and both Classes and Actors can have multiple Traits (and that is my problem!) i don’t know how to make the relationships between this tables. Because both class and actors table need to reference the Trait’s one. I though of adding a hidden field in the traits table that could differentiate from actor or class... value=1 actor... value=2 class... this way an identical foreign key value could represent a class or a actor depending on that 2nd variable. what would be the best approach?! Thank you for your time and help!

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