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  1. Thanks Lee. I will do that next time. Hazzah! I found it. In Layout Setup > General: Menu Set was set to "File Default" rather than Standard FileMaker Menus. Jeepers. Thanks all!
  2. Steve - you are my hero saves my life! I looked all over the web for something and the only thing I could find was to recover the file. There are no script triggers used at all in this file. The File Options includes a "Switch to layout" but as I said, the hide all toolbars box is not checked. I will go through each of the scripts that I have that relate to this window and see if somehow I added something to change the toolbars on the main window, rather than just the windows that open to add related records. This is very helpful. Thanks much!
  3. The main toolbar with the arrows for navigating from record to record, find, etc. disappears. I removed the toolbar from a few windows that are controlled by buttons - to add related records, but the main window should have the toolbar. I have to recover the file to get them back and when I close the file they disappear again. I can't figure out how to fix this. - Under "File Options" - Hide all toolbars is NOT checked. - I have no custom menus - the only menu set is Standard FileMaker Menus Where else can I look to fix this setting? Thanks much for the help! - Lea
  4. Clarification - the tables are connected in the relationship graph, but the Payroll records are not related to the Contract records.
  5. I have two tables: Contracts and Payroll. In the contracts table each record has a start and end date. I want to auto enter the pay period code based on these dates. Each record in the payroll table has a pay period start and end date, as well as a Pay run ID. The tables are related: Contract primary key in Contract table to Contract foreign key in Payroll table. I don't know if I should use If, Let, Look up?? I don't want to use Case, because then I'll have to change the calculation each year. I'd rather add 12 records to the payroll table for the 12 months each year. These are two calc's I've tried, each calculations return "1". If ( Work_Date_Start ≥ Payroll::Pay_Period_Start and Work_Date_End ≤ Payroll::Pay_Period_End; Payroll::Pay_Run_ID ) Lookup ( Payroll::Pay_Run_ID ; Work_Date_Start ≥ Payroll::Pay_Period_Start and Work_Date_End ≤ Payroll::Pay_Period_End ) Thanks much!
  6. Steven - Thank you. I would love to use FM Server but I am in a tiny office at a university that does not have FM Server and even if I could afford it the network folks wouldn't support it. I used it at my last job and it was great. Now I'm stuck with peer to peer (until I and FM take over all admin operations here - insert maniacal laugh). The file is on a network drive. How do I open the file on the machine where it physically resides if it is on a server? Do I need to move the file to my workstation and leave it on all the time so others can access it from there? I'd have to check to see if my computer is automatically backed up on the network. If the file is on the network drive and I open it on from my workstation and leave it open, could other users then open it as a remote file? Thanks for your help. Josh - Thanks. I'm familiar with open remote as I used FM server at my last job. But I can't figure it out with the file on a network drive. See my message to Steven.
  7. I think this may be a firewall issue and have contacted our network folks.
  8. Yes. Both extended privs are checked in all privilege sets. Thanks.
  9. We have a solution "Hub" and want 4 clients to be able to access the file on a network drive - J drive. We are using FM 16 on Windows. Is it possible for multiple clients to share a file on a network - with simultaneous use? If so, how do I set this up? We cannot simultaneously use the file. When one user is logged in, the other users get an error message: "Hub.fmp12" is currently in use and could not be opened. If the file is shared, you can use the open Remote command to open the file on the network. (If you've opened the file before, check the Open Recent menu.) There are no remote files listed. I have Network Sharing turned on. (see attached image). When I login and no one else is logged in, I get a warning message asking if I want to Open Without Sharing. (see attached) Even when I click "open" the file is not accessible to other users. Thank you in advance!
  10. I found the problem - calculation was set to return a number rather than text.
  11. Progress...I can get a list of Person pks also displaying values from second field Name_full . However, it sorts in pk order, rather than by last name. If I select - show values from second field only I get "?" in the dropdown.
  12. The drop down shows "3 ?". "3" is the pk of the first person record The drop down shows "3 ?" on existing Contract records and new Contract records. I have imported Session records and Person records. I am creating the Contract records via a portal on a Session layout.
  13. Thanks Doughemi. I created the PersonList TO and linked Session pk to PersonList/session fk. And the field using the dropdown is Contract::Person kf. Dropdown still not working. Which fields do I connect and what field should I use in the Contract table - Person kf or Trainer Name? Really appreciate your help.
  14. I changed the "trainer name" field to the fk_person field. I think the problem I'm having is linking the Contract record to the Person table. I am still just getting a "?" on the dropdown. The Contract table records are being created through a portal on a Session table layout so fk_Session is being automatically entered. But how does the fk_Person field get populated so that the Contract data is linked to Session and Person?
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