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  1. Hi all, I am self employed, about 1/3 Filemaker, 2/3 web design for about 6 clients. Currently I keep track of my hours in TimeTag - which simply records time worked and category. And I manually process my invoices and expenses. I have been investigating a more comprehensive solution for this, not that my current system is overly cumbersome, I only spend an hour or two a fortnight on invoicing. I was looking at all the different solutions out there, but none of them are exactly what I want. Then I realised, I have a hosting account, a FM licence, why not just build exactly what I want? Project tracking, hours, expenses, invoices etc The pay off may take a while time wise, but it would be handy to click a button to produce my invoices fortnightly and reports for tax time. Has anyone else out there built their own solution for this that they might like to share, or know of a starter solution for this? Thanks heaps and would love to hear your views
  2. Hi there, I know this question is going to be a bit vague but I would be grateful for any help. The database is Hosted on FMPHost on the cloud hosting, the clients use FMP 2016 on Windows. The tables in question are a contact information table and a donations table. The donations table is seen via a portal on the contacts layout (picture of portal and relationship attached). A new donation portal row is added via the attached script. The client said that they entered 20 donations, and now they're all gone. They were all from the same batch, the batch to donation relationship is just batchid=batchnumber. I have checked the donation records, they are certainly not there. The client has no way of deleting an entire batch of donations (the relationship doesn't allow it and there is no provision for it). It's possible that they weren't actually entered as the client says the time was hectic, also given that this has never come up before or since. But I was wondering if there is anything I can be doing to make sure the database isn't at fault, as far as committing records etc? But even if the records weren't committed there would be empty records for sure as the script to add a donation portal row would leave them. Thank you in advance for your help, Matthew
  3. Thank you Doug and Lee, that's all very helpful. I had a couple of posts in the meantime but I managed to answer the questions myself so I deleted them. I have set up the database, and made my main layout using portals for each series of studies (pic attached). Do I need a unique serial number for studentlessons? I have been able to set up a report for number of certificates by series in a time period, and should be able to do the same for lessons and offers. Is there any way to combine all of those into one report or would it be easier to just do seperate reports and export them appended together as a PDF?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! And thorough advice. This is very timely as I have to make some major adjustments to the first database (it is getting merged with another) so I will fix that one next (it has 15000 records so might take some time). I think I understand what you are saying, I have attached an image of what it looks like, does it look like I have the right idea? I have added a few extra things like: Study series - there are about 20 lessons in each series Offers - We also send out free offers from a TV show Donations Would I still be able to have a page like the attached where the user can see all the items sent to a student? How would I make a field show a date for a particular study? The things we want to make reports for are things such as: Number of lessons/certificates sent in a week/particular time frame Donation amount in a particular time frame Thanks again for your quick reply. This is a bit of a revelation for me.
  5. Hi, I made a Filemaker Database a couple of years ago for a correspondence school, now I'm building the same thing for another school. The database has a record for each student and a field for each possible lesson they can be sent. When a lesson is sent the date goes in the appropriate field. For reporting I had no idea what I was doing, so I just made a table with a field for each lesson and a script that would search within a date range, take a record count of the returned records take that number and put it in my report table. The date range is set by global fields for the start date and the end date. The script would repeat for the 200 or so lessons that we had available. I would then have a report of the number of each lesson that was sent in a date range. I guessing that there must be a better way, I have never used a summary report, is that something that would work? If someone could point me in the right direction I would be very very grateful. Thanks heaps in advance for any help or pointers. Using Filemaker 16.
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