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  1. Wendy


    Hi, The JSON I am sending is correct. However, what I figured out, was if I add PCQO_RqNew with Operation: "Create" (and entity type left blank) before PCQO_RqUseJSON, it runs correctly. Hope that helps someone else!
  2. I'm successfully using PCQO_RqUseJSON to add Journal Entries into QBO. However, I just added a way for the script to check if the vendor was already in QBO. This works. However, afterwards, it goes back to the journal entry to be entered. When it calls PCQO_RqExecute, it now calls the Vendor Query again. I tried re-loading the session info, but it doesn't seem to clear it. Essentially: PCQO_RqNew [ Select: On; Results: ; Operation: "Query"; Entity Type: "Vendor" ] PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue [ Select: On; Results: ; Field Name: "DisplayName"; Field Value: VENDORS::Short Name ] PCQO_RqExecute [ Select: On; Results: $result ] PCQO_RqUseJSON [ Select: On; Results: ; JSON: $json.payitem ] PCQO_RqExecute [ Select: On; Results: $result ] What do I need to do so that the 2nd Execute script step sends the custom JSON instead resending the first query?
  3. Wendy

    Check Connection Mid-script

    I'm so glad I asked! I'm using v9.0.0.0. (x64) I'll re-install with the update. Thank you.
  4. Sometimes scripts that work perfectly well seem to get 'stuck' mid-script. The script appears to still be running, but it isn't doing anything. Is there a way to check mid-script if FMP has lost it's connection to Quickbooks?

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