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  1. Yep ... it says java.lang.NullPointerException
  2. Scribe is working out beautifully for what we need to do. Having one minor annoyance and hoping there is an option I am missing. When I use the ScribeDocReadValue function on an empty Excel cell, it returns "ERROR." I'm using this to pull data from a form we had been using in Excel into my FM solution which is replacing that form. There are many dozen cells and I'd rather not use IF to test for the error on every single one of them. Is there a way to have Scribe just return "" if the cell is empty? I mean, it's not technically an error. Just an empty cell. Right now I'm running a Find/Replace in my import script once I've pulled in all the data. Would rather it just pulled in "" instead. Thanks !!
  3. I am evaluating Scribe before purchasing. I need to be able to read data from specific cells in Excel documents, which Scribe would appear to be able to do. Per the docs, I am using ScribeDocLoad first, which is generating the attached Java error. I have also tried accessing the file using the demo included with the plug-in, and it generates the same error as my application. I've attached the excel file that I'm trying to access. I am using ProAdvanced 17.0.4 on a Windows 10 machine and FM Server 17.0.2
  4. Does SC have the ability to drag-n-drop OUT of the container to another Windows application (such as Outlook)? If not, does anyone know of a plugin that adds that ability to FM running on Windows 10?
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