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  1. suzieyoga


    Steve: Because I do need to see the body when working on the file. But I could make a different version of the layout with your suggestion. Lee: These layouts are part of a very big dataset that my husband has been accumulating for years and doesn't want to post publicly while I try to help him, with help here. Maybe there's a different way? I could email after learning your email address; I am suzie (at) postures (dot) com. Meanwhile a couple of more screenshots that might be helpful, I hope. I think I'm *almost* there. This seems like it would be a common problem. FileMaker Pro AdvancedMTP005.pdf FileMaker Pro AdvancedMTP003.pdf
  2. suzieyoga


    I have a list of things that I sell. The list is in the Body. Above the Body is a sub-summary by item category. Everything in the body is set to not print. I grouped everything in the body. Sliding is based on 'all above' (house this doesn't make a difference); and I checked resize the enclosing Part. Below the Body is another Sub-summary by Item Number (this pulls in the Item descriptions). Then, I sort Item Category, and then Item Code. And then, everything works, which surprised the heck out of me. Except sliding is goofy, so I looked carefully for any stray element but found nothing. FileMaker Pro AdvancedMTP002.pdf The ideas I have for finding the issue involve the location of the two fields that summarize item quantity, which I put in the bottom sub-summary in place of the item qty that appears in the body, and the summary of the extended costs, which I put in a trailing grand summary. Both of these are Summary fields, which seem straight forward. And now have no idea what to do next?
  3. I am not worthy… Thank you. [I just learned that if you allow your Mac to show notifications you can be notified when someone responds on this form, a fact perhaps obvious to many but not to me. Very handy indeed.]
  4. Maybe I have poorly stated the question as there are no answers…So, here's a condensed version: 1. I am in Layout Mode; 2. I am looking at Inspector/ Data; 3. I can't place the cursor focus in "Placeholder text" In other words the text box cannot be activated. I am certain that I've done something very basic but I don't know where to start looking?
  5. (I'm not actually sure where to post this so forgive me if it's in the wrong place?) Once again I find myself in deep FM water with no wading boots. I am using FM Advanced, and Mac OS 10.13.4. In the screenshot, it's the field "Status" that's the focus of my question. The screenshot is arranged so that the Inspector is adjacent to the field I'm asking about ("Status"). Status is a text field. Validation is limited to a Value List. After I moved the Status field to the layout, I needed to change the appearance to use Radio Buttons conforming to the Value List. But, I can't select the "Control Style" field in order to change it. I've seen situations before that are similar (a layout Zoom layer laced for instance due to a script), but that's not the case here, as far as I can tell. What did I do wrong here?
  6. Hunting for Newbie Errors: I'm importing data (tens of thousands of records) as a text string that looks something like this: AaAa.4.100 I need this imported string divided into three fields (AaAa, 4, 100). There are plenty of text tools to do this. In fact, it's simple, provided each part is a known and fixed length. However, the imported data, while in a fairly narrow range, is not fixed. I need a more generalized approach. I'm wondering about the MiddleWords function. I understand what it does -- manipulates lists, which are normally delimited with a paragraph character. This function is exactly what I need if only it would accept "." rather than "paragraph" arguments. So, I am doing a simple substitution: MiddleWords ( (Substitute ( Sym ; "." ; ¶ )) ; 2 ; 1 ) -- substituting the paragraph character for the "." character that currently divides my data. The data output appears fine, but with so many I can only spot check. Does anyone see a problem with this approach? I'm asking because all data goes through this substitution. Suzie
  7. Progress! I'm going to post this in detail so others trying to figure this out can possibly benefit. It is actually very simple. Steve requested that I upload a file. No problem except I don't know how to separate this table/layout from the larger file which contains >20,000 records and >130 fields, and many other layouts, so I will be as descriptive as I can. I am simply wanting a summary of plants by species. My Total of Qty is a Summary (shown above). My Layout: Browse Mode looks like this: And Preview Mode gives me what I want as well: So it is exactly what I need, functionally, ready to improve visually. Thanks for the direction, Steve, and thanks, too, to whoever maintains this site, as the way uploads are handled is very sweet. Any ideas for improvement appreciated!
  8. Steve- of course. Just as soon as I take out the trash and other duties that make the homefront more peaceful with Mrs.…probably tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
  9. Doing something wrong no doubt. Image 1 shows how I set up the summary field being the total of Sym Raw. Image 2 shows the layout (I'm confused about the other fields; shouldn't they be in Body?) Image 5 shows how Image 2 looks in Browse Mode: Mighty ugly!
  10. I used to know how to do this… I need a layout that tells me the total number of each plant on the list. Fields are: Plant Code, Qty. Sample data (using commas): AAAA,15; AAAA,10; BBBB,25; CCCC, 40; AAAA,5; CCCC,10 I want a layout that tells me the total number of each type of plant, like this: Plant, Total Qty (from sample data above) AAAA, 30 BBBB,25 CCCC,50 So,I tried making Total Qty field, and putting it in a trailing sub summary, sorting by Plant. This doesn't work. I also went through Phil's tutorial but apparently didn't follow directions. This has got to be Filemaker 101 but I am screwing it up. Where?
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