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  1. Olger, Thank you so much for this valuable information, I have implemented these instructions and now crossing fingers!
  2. Olger Thanks for response. I have indeed stopped Windows updating service via services and still updates. Very frustrating, but ultimately I might have to just deal with it and will need to get the server (web) to work with it.
  3. So, Windows is forcing this Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Yes tried every angle and tutorial to block this, does not work) and once this happens its breaks Web Direct Only... The Admin page works fine and users can even connect to the file directly just not via Web Direct. Something in this update is breaking this feature.... I even tried redeployment a few times. The only thing that fixes this issue is, a uninstall of Fall Creator which lasts a few days and re-installs again.... anyone have any ideas how to make this play nice with this update? Thanks, Z Sorry could this be moved to FS15 Area...

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