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  1. Thanks Ocean West, I read about self join relationship method. However, I'd like to learn to script this. I added calculated filed with A&B&C. I watned to check record against a previous one and flag it in "duplicate" filed. But it wont work if the same fileds are not one after another. example1.fmp12
  2. In "table view" I want to see displayed only those records. In FileMaker world you call it found set?
  3. Hi, Im trying to write a script to select unique records from a table (see below). WIth no result . On this particular example script should select only records 1,2,3,6.
  4. Doug, I think Im making you confused and I dont want to waste your time If you dont mind I'd like to reset this conversation with a diffrent example (attached). I simply want to understand how to use database relationships without using "allow creation of new records." Workflow in the example is as follow: I have 3 tabels -> orders, products, order_deatils I want to create within an order its details. I want to learn how to access and use date from products table (product name, product price) when user in on Order details layout. That's my problem from the early beginning. example1.fmp12
  5. Doug, yes it does. What in wrong I dont want to add new products in this way. I just want to add this product id to zamownia_pozycje table.
  6. Doug, hmm, ok, I will try to rework that adding new producta. However, could you add those steps to avoid adding products within this script. It’d be very helpful for me to learn.
  7. Hi doughemi, I've just noticed one thing in file you have provided. When I want to add new products to new "zamowienie", products are added table "zamowienia_pozycje" (what is correct) but also to table Produkt.
  8. Thanks rwoods. Could you be so kind and provide a basic example within attached file? example.fmp12
  9. Hi, what is a general approach in FM for calculating values without storing them in database? Can I add values from 2 fileds and print a result?
  10. You will find attached my file. Pls go to Layout "Zamowienia". To issues: first filed is inactive till I enter quantity third field should print name "nazwa" but it doesnt (when I choose kod_mnh from the first one) erp_prohan.fmp12
  11. Pls check the vid https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cFVvrDoxna I have a drop down list in the first column which i inactive till I enter quantity in the second one.
  12. Yeap, that helped. Thanks. Another question. Now, when I have a portal made of fileds of 2 tables I noticed one thing. Fileds of the jointed table are inavtice till I enter something in a field from the main table.
  13. Hi, Im trying to solve something like this. User is fillin up a form. When hi enteres a value to a field with product serial number I want next to this filed print out matching name of this product. The name is stored in a diffrent table. Please suggest something.
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