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  1. Hello, I have created a report in Filemaker 17 that pulls data into it from other relational (fmp) databases. My issue is that I want my managers to be able to review their particular reports via teams. I am currently uploading a new PDF every day but I'd like it to be "live" and for their access to be limited to just selecting their button which is scripted to bring up their report. I am no expert in any type of integration, I am fairly comfortable with Filemaker, I have been using it since version 3, but not utilizing it outside of itself.
  2. Hi All, I have been using Filemaker since ver3 but only for my own use, at work and at home, but only for my needs. Currently I've created a couple apps that I would like to share with my coworkers when they are out in the field so I bought a little server and am trying to download filemaker server 16 onto it. I bought it specifically with windows 7 pro because I had read that was a good os for it but after trying to install and it not working, I see now I should have purchased windows server. Can I get some help as to what I actually need. I would like to run my apps through web br
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