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  1. Hi Lee, Im asking about printing the layout in layout mode. For example Layout 1 i had a Global Field which i will key in a name, and at the bottom i will have a button with script to print the rest of 20 layouts in duplex mode in single print job. The 20 layout i had prefix location of the field where by will show the name i key-in in the Global Field. I will just need to know how to script it and maybe some setting needed. Thank you.
  2. Dear All, I would like seek for your help on my current situation. I had PC laptop running Filemaker Pro 15 with a Duplex printer. In my solution i had create 21, first layout will be consist of a field and print button. As of the rest of 20 layouts which i had set the field in different location ( randomly ). My intention is to have duplex printing all the 20 layouts in one single print job. How can do that with one single button? Thank you in advance.
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