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  1. Christi Palme

    Pulling Received Payments from QuickBooks

    Geoffrey, I don't think it's a typo because I copied it straight out of the demo files, but it's possible. Anyway, since what I really want to do is the date range filter, I'll use PCIPal's response in helping me understand how those filters are written. It's helpful to have more than one example of these calls since the documentation isn't always super clear on what goes where. Having multiple examples really helps see the patterns in how it's all supposed to work, so thanks to both of you. peace, Christi
  2. I'm trying to write a script to pull all received payments for a specific customer using the EntityFilter::FullNameWithChildren since the demo file indicates this will pull only the transactions for the specified customer but what I'm getting is all payments received (or at least the first 50 since I left that escape in the loop). I'm using the customer's FullName (as it is used in Quickbooks) set into a variable for the Field Value parameter of the PCQB_ReAddFieldWithValue script step (v 16). So I have 2 questions: Why is the Entity Filter not working? and if what I really would rather do is pull all received payments within a given date range, how do I format the PCQB_ReAddFieldWithValue script step to do that? Thanks, Christi
  3. Christi Palme

    ItemSalesTaxGroup vs ItemSalesTax

    Thanks Geoffrey. I finally did get the push invoice script to work with sending the tax group name with the invoice. Now I just have go get the tax groups and their items to pull. I got it to do the first, but it's not iterating my loop yet. I'll post as a different question if I don't get that one working soon.
  4. I'm working on getting QuickBooks' Item Sales Tax groups to pull into filemaker along with it's child records of which itemSalesTaxes belong to the group but I'm so far not having any luck getting my script to work. In addition, I'm wondering if anyone knows the quickbooks rules regarding assigning the sales tax rate to and invoice - the attribute is named as if it's looking for an itemsalestax name or list id rather than a group name or list id and so far, my attempts to just send it a group name in the place of an item tax name has not worked. Has anyone done this who could send a sample script? best regards, Christi

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