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  1. Hi Steve, thanks for your answer - i'll try provide some more info below with a better explanation. There is currently a relationship between the patient and GP table. So each patient can be linked to one GP. Then there is also a relationship between the letter page and the patient. So when drafting a letter - you select the patient. There is then a radio button that states CC GP "Yes" or "No". If CC = "Yes" then the address for the GP that is linked to the patient appears at the bottom of the letter. This is displayed via a merge field on the letter. However, I sometimes need to CC another GP into the letter - in addition to the one that is already linked through the GP - Patient relationship. Hope this clears a few things up.
  2. I'm sure there is a simple solution to this problem, but I can't seem to figure it out! I have a custom app that allows the user to write letters amongst other things. Each patient is linked to a GP and a Consultant, when writing a letter to a patient there is the option to CC both the linked GP and Consultant. However, occasionally another GP or Consultant might need to be CC'd in the letter (in addition to the ones already linked to the patient). So I would need the address of this additional consultant/GP to also be CC'd in the letter. For the life of me I can't work out a simple way to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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