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  1. I had this working before, and now it is not. I need to construct a FIND to get records to load into MAILCHIMP for promotional emails. The selection criteria is as follows: 1. Omit any COMPANY records 2. Omit any records with a KEYWORD of "NOMAIL" 3. Select records for varying keywords
  2. Is there a profile configuration item that sends email alerts? I saw a switch on the bottom of these messages - however, I'd like it to be permanent - that every post/reply sends me an email alert to check the forum.
  3. yes, if you can go in and delete them, that would be great. I did the "find" the same way as described above. Thanks
  4. By mistake, I did a batch import that resulted in 300+ totally BLANK "Company" records. This is skewing my counts for a report I produce every week. How do I delete these?
  5. How do I construct a FIND that will select all records that have blank keywords?
  6. Has anyone come up with a way to setup different DASHBOARD views? For example, I have some follow-up tasks that are routine (i.e. going through old tasks from ex-employees trying to update) and I have ones that are MISSION CRITICAL. I'd like to know how other organizations are doing this?
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